Space Beast Gaburo

Space Beast Gaburo

Just one of the many deadly monsters from outer space that stand to threaten to destroy the nearest major metropolitan area.



somebody call caped baldy

i love this, the zamor spheres are genius, it’s very insect like
i like how the colours are in the right place.

i strive to be this good or more


Nice! I really like this MOC. Reminds me if the alternate set build from one of the 2007 Bionicle playsets.

Awesome work! This thing looks pretty creepy.

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This is amazing! The head design is super creative.

I love this. Look at that head!

That head design is incredibly unique and works very well. I like it!

Looks like something out of Metroid, cool


Thank you! I wasn’t going for scary, but looking at those eyes again I think I can see it :scream:

:wink: I see you are a man of culture as well. One Punch Man monsters take a lot of inspiration from Tokusatsu monsters, which were the biggest inspiration for this as well.

Thanks! I’m a huge Metroid fan so that’s quite the compliment. I was thinking of all the Metroid creatures and I think Space Beast might be reminding you of this. It’s the closest thing I could find.

Glad to hear it! Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the alt build you’re referring to :sweat_smile: I don’t think I ever got any of the playsets back in the day.

Thanks, everyone! The head was a nice challenge. From what I can tell, Tokustatsu monsters generally have a similar body type, since they’re actors in suits, meaning the head has to be distinct. I’d like to think the positive response means I captured the look pretty well :blush:


Aww what a cute little hellspawn! Zamor spheres have never been used better