Spectator Topics?

From the Mafia rules topic:

So, for game topics like Mafia, there isn’t really much point to other users posting, but they can be fun to watch, especially if you were in the game and died – you want to see how your team fares.

With that in mind, how about implementing spectator topics? The idea being that, while anyone can read it, only the allowed users can post in it. Similar to how mods can post in closed topics, but for non-mods instead. (obviously mods could still post in these topics, because mod powers).

This is something I’ve thought of before, but now that there’s an official mafia rule, this feature makes sense.


I am not sure whether or not the Boards currently have support for such a feature. I’ll ask the admins. In the meantime, I hope that users will be courteous enough to not post in Mafia topics that they aren’t supposed to be active in.

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While this is a great idea, the question is how would it be controlled? Would a mod control it, or the topic owner? If it’s the topic owner I can see this getting used wrongly, although it’d probably be pretty rare.

Also, I didn’t know “No Ghosting” was an official rule. I thought it was just a common sense thing.

Why not use a PM for this, or at least for ghosts? There are ghost PMs for these games.


…there’s nothing stopping you from viewing a topic once you’ve died in a game. The rule is simply to prevent users from posting, not to prevent them from seeing it. If you can’t restrain yourself from posting, then you’ve broken the rule. It’s as simple as that. Implementing topics like this seems like a waste of our time, energy, and resources, especially when we have legitimate problems with our site to deal with.