Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Despite it not being MCU related, I may actually go see this. The animation is gorgeous, and it’s helmed by two directors who’ve definitely proven themselves. Hopefully it’s a bit more serious than other animated Spidey stories, although this trailer seems to indicate that it will be.

This has the potential to be absolutely amazing, but to address the elephant in the room, it also has a potential to be bungled as well.

it’s sony pictures, they will find a way to ruin it


Because it’s Sony Pictures, my expectations are relatively low. That being said, that trailer was actually not half bad. The animation might seem a bit odd to some, but I actually kind of like it. I might five this a shot, of some of my concerns are put to rest.

I don’t know. Usually their projects relating to Spider-Man turn out pretty good (or at least better then their others cough emoji movie cough.)

Call it quits on the studio, sure; but with The Lego Movie’s directors onboard, I’m keeping the hype thrusters on.

But yeah; trailer looks good, movie looks great, probably should’ve commented when it came out; I’m excited for this movie.

ok, this is amazing

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I’m liking this so far. Can’t wait to see it.

I just love the animation style they chose.

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Is T. J. Miller voicing Peter Parker?

Oh yeah the movie looks good anyways. I might go see it because I’ll be able to drive myself by Christmas.

I can’t wait to not have to be held captive by what my sisters do and don’t want to see at the movie theater.

Edit: I’m wrong about Peter’s voice. But hey, Hailee Steinfeld is voicing Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, so coolio.

I can’t wait for this, it’s possibly my most anticipated movie for the rest of the year. Miles Morales is possibly my favorite comic character ever and I can’t say how much I adore the animation style.

Saw the trailer for the first time yesterday. Loved it. It looks like a great movie. Tbh the animation reminds me of The LEGO Batman Movie

Okay, so up until today I wasn’t really interested in seeing this movie, but I recently found out that Spider-Ham is going to be voiced by none other than John Mulaney. I am now 110% invested in this film.

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The new trailer is great! I’m honestly just excited for Nicholas Cage Noir, who looks amazing!

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We need sets for this. And yay, Spiderman Noir is a main character. : D


I was disapointed by nick cage playing superman with no overacting in teen Titans go to the movies but I don’t mind him doing the same here; his voice just fits spider noir so well.


i don’t even like spiderman or marvel that much, but i just wanna say

peni is so cute i’m gonna die

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Wait, he did? Almost makes me want to watch that now…
I adore the art style of Spiderverse, it looks great. Having seen the footage at the end of Venom, it looks like they are going the slapstick route with a lot of the comedy. Which is fine; I’m just making a note of it. The fact that Spider-Pig is even in it means that it’s not meant to be a completely dark, serious movie, which is nice.