Spiriah, the Brotherhood's Embarrassment

Woe be the one whose name would come to be a synonym for “failure” by those beneath you. Such was the fate for Makuta Spiriah.


Gender: Male
Species: Makuta
Kanohi: Jutlin, Great Mask of Corruption
Pieces: 165

Curiously, a Matoran-like being was reported to have been in Spiriah’s custody for most of the Makuta’s life, though they are not known to have accompanied him during his brief stint with the Federation of Fear. The identity and whereabouts of this Matoran, assuming they are still alive after Spiriah’s death, are unknown.

Unidentified Matoran Assistant
Gender: Unknown
Species: Presumed Matoran
Kanohi: None known(?)
Pieces: 36


looks good!

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Nice! I like the colors you chose. They fit him well.

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Metru red and lime color spread looks pretty good. Looks more proportionate than the original combiner, so that’s nice as well. Overall a cool moc


I’ve always liked Spiriah for some reason and this one looks pretty good


That matoran build is so great.