Spiriah - The Shunned (Gilahu's BP Makuta revamps)

Name: Spiriah
Kanohi: Jutlin, Great Mask of Corruption
Assigned region: Zakaz, Artidax
Status: Dead

Wings can kinda fold as well as be detached:

Next to Vozatth and size comparison:

And, of course, the most important shot:

So, finally finished up those wings for Spiriah, and with that Makuta number 20 is built - now only 80 more to go! Links to the other revamps can be found here.

It’s a little weird that out of all people Spiriah turned out to look this, I would say, nice. A little shorter than my average Makuta MOC, but very broad instead. Also my first time doing cloth wings - stitched together from cloth scraps to save material and because I figured it makes them look a bit worn. In the end it probably doesn’t matter too much, though. But I had fun sewing.

So, what else is there to say… that foot design I had actually lying around for quite a while, though as soon as I randomly came up with it it was intedned for Spiriah. Also for once a MOC where I could use dark grey, ending up saving me a lot of trouble with those friction joints. Always short on black ones.

Well, let me know what you think! I’m now gonna figure out which Makuta to build next - Belgahn is just waiting on parts at this point, so technically next up is already Makuta number 22.


Looks great! I like the color combo and I really like the wings!

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Huh, nice. He is pretty wide. I like him.
He is just missing that poor, horribly mutated Matoran that the original had.
But the Wings are very nice.


You say that like it’s a bad thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


love the leg design and the wings being patchy look surprisingly good, only complaint is the wideness of his torso but eh still looks really good

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The wings came out really well and I dig the Kalmah armor for the feet. Still, to me, Spiriah will always be dumpy and squat. This guy is too cool to be Spiriah


That is a very cool wing design!


I really like the final look you landed on for him, and those colors are just delightful!


Outstanding work! I never thought Spiriah could look this awesome!


Excellent work on this one, he looks really cool.

The hulking physique really suits him.


Nice building put into this figures.