SSCP MOCs: Rising Star, Matoran

First, I think I’d start this post with apologies. Because I was making those a lot longer than I thought it would take. 2 main reasons for that are: 1. Back in May, I was working a lot on the Hagah, nearly finished them in time; 2. It was the end of the work year ~until the end of June, and it was really busy, much worse than I thought. So, big sorry for the big delay. Now I have a bit more free time, so might do more MOCs soon enough.

Those are MOCs of Matoran who appeared in the Rising Star Book by Willes12, one of the books from his Story Serial Continuation Project (SSCP). I won’t spoil any of the important content of that book here, but the action happens on the Red Star, where most of the MU’s deceased beings dwell. As Kopaka and Pohatu arrived to the Star at the end of “The Powers That Be”, they met a Matoran, whom is actually absolutely canon and appeared in Bionicle Story long before that, it is…


Once a crazy Rahi-obsessed archivist, now one of the Red Star’s prisoners.
He has a familiar Purple Pakari and Pohatued torso. Reasons for it would be the fact that it looks like scientist’s cloak and also I thought it would be interesting thing to make.

Another feature is moving shoulder blades, and Toa-size figure articulation level with knees and elbows.

As Toa travel through the Star, they meet another Matoran, who has a very interesting backstory that I won’t spoil. They meet…


She is a Toa-disliking Ga-Matoran that knows a thing or two about breaking door locks, hence, quote from the book, “a set of small tools and wires” on her legs. Her torso is made to resemble a Metrutoran’s torso. No elbow articulation though, didn’t want to bulk a female character too much.

In her hand, she holds Kestora’s Electro-Blade, which is, basically, an electricity-charged sword. It relies on physical parts’ flexibility a bit in order to attach the Trans-Blue tube.

Eventually, Toa meet one more Matoran on the station…


He is a Nynrah Ghost and a pretty cool mechanic, an just a nice guy. As he said about himself in the story “I’ve never met a machine I can’t fix”. He has dark color scheme because I wanted him to fit with Red Star’s grim aesthstetic, as well as a couple of instruments. I chose scoped mask to add hi-tech vibe, and it is a Sanok because I got inspired by that line: “Ruhko aimed his Kestora blaster at the Xutohki, loosing a blast of lightning. The blast hit her dead center,…”. He has poseable elbows and knees too.

His weapon is a Kestora’s Lightning Blaster, which is based around a spring-loaded shooter. I wanted to make it a new classic Bionicle Launcher. I personnaly like those spring-loaded shooters, and think it fits for something that shoots electricity.

And a final standard render.

About the renders actually: they have some parts overlapped, especially for Ruhko. Additionally, models have custom Kanohi (credit goes to KhingK for Sanok and Arthron, also the Biopack was used), 2L bars, and… hands that I designed myself.

That is actually the third reason as to why it took so long to finish them - because I also needed to finish those hands with poseable fingers. They are not replicas of Glatorian fists, have a proper thumb, and a place to attach wepons with specialized handle, which sets axle hole closer to the socket.

Hand pics


Don’t pay much attention to weird lines here and there, they are unintentional and are seen only because Studio renderer works that way.

I won’t share those 3D models right now, because those hands are still not finished yet, and probably won’t be finished too soon, because they are actually a part of something bigger. Right now, please tell me, what do you think of those: do they look “canon”? do they fit the proportions? Should there be any improvements?

And one final thing.
Do you like books with pictures?
I do.
Not too much, because too few characters are ready right now, but there certainly will be more.

As the group began to move, Lhikan looked at Mavrah. “That was quite the speech,” he said. “Where did that come from?”
“I… know what it’s like to clash with Toa over misunderstandings,” Mavrah said. “I… I guess I don’t want to see Quilha end up like I did.”
– Lhikan and Mavrah, Rising Star

Ruhko walked over to another map, this one far to the right – what would be the “bottom” of the star. This map was mostly blank, with only parts of the edges filled out. “Near as we can figure, the send-back tech is somewhere in this area. Based upon where the Kestora bring people that they’re trying to send back.”
– Ruhko, Rising Star

And no those are not finished Kopaka and Pohatu, they literally have partially 1 and 2 limbs respectively right now.
Also, the map looks so weird because it is hard to get paper in Bionicle, and it hard to find stone tables on the Red Star, so it is intended to be scrapped right on the metal plates.

That was my first batch of characters from Willes12’s SSCP, I hope to make some more soon enough, and hope you like those. Anything you write in this topic is apperciated!


Nice job, I like the hand designs. Their backstories are also good.
nice mocs

Alright, I have to say it: I love these.

Mavrah: was a little unsure about the flipped torso, but when you explained the Scientist cloak idea it convinced me. I wonder a bit about the stability of the legs – but hey, it looks cool as a Studio render.
(Edit: wait, are those axle holes with a short lightsaber rod?AKA pieces that should totally exist IRL)

Quilha: Probably my favorite of the three. I love the little tools she’s got, and the “Metru-toran but a bit different” works really well. I’m curious if you have any reason for the mask, like Ruhko, or if it was just because it looks cool (it’s fine either way, I haven’t established an ‘official’ mask for her)

Ruhko: he fits the character of a mechanic Fe-Matoran, alright, I love the blocky aesthetic he’s got going on. I actually did have a build concept for the Kestora blaster (that I’ve used on a few mocs I’ve never gotten around to posting), but this blows it out of the water. The colors work really nicely, too.

If I had any artistic ability to speak of, I would draw scenes from the stories I’ve written. I actually do have cover concepts for them that I might attempt to make at some point… Anyway, point being, I love seeing these, too.


@Rukah Thank you!

Ah, forgot about those.
They look like this:

Swithcing axle for a bar is actually an idea :thinking:
And I think Lego might make them officially someday. What a day would it be…

Not really actually. Only one small thing is that she slightly tilted her head forward as she is angry/irritated on all pictures, and Arthron’s “eyebrows” support that look.

Would be cool to see that concept and those MOCs!


I love the inverted torso and the purple!