Stand Proud
Its a bright new day in Launceston. People are starting to drive to work and school, some are still getting up. Wille Tornish is up a little earlier than usual, feeling like he might have some special visitors to his shop today.

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Jason rose from his hotel bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He looked to his side to find his stand standing beside his bed.

“Get up. Unless you want to spend all day in bed you better get moving.”
Blue Oyster Cult said, sounding a bit irritated.

“Good morning to you too scale face.”
Jason said sarcastically.
“What’s got your tail in a twist?”

“I’ve just been feeling a bit uneasy since we got here. I don’t trust this place.”

“Come on man. You’re worrying over nothing. This is one of the best vacationing spots in Australia. So lighten up a bit and enjoy yourself.”
Jason said with a smile.

He got out of his bed and got dressed, eager to greet the day. He checked the time on his pocker watch, then closed it and placed it back in his pocket.

Jason then left the hotel and looked around outside, looking for what there was to see or do.

Olivier sat attop a nearby roof, sipping from an empty teacup

Vinny was on the move.
The speed wagon foundation had heard rumours of a mysterious shop in this town which housed, “interesting” objects.
It was Vinny’s job to find this shop and see if the rumours held any weight.

The man stopped and checked the map on his phone before looking around, “should be around here” he said to himself, as he scanned the buildings for some sort of sign.

@Payinku he’d see signs for restaurants, pharmacies, and other relatively normal businesses. The most unusual one he’d find is a sign made out of decaying wood and peeling paint that says in large red letters “Wille’s Pawne Shoppe”.

Jason, seeing the old looking shop himself, decided to check it out. Walking over to and entering the establishment.


“Willie’s Pawne” Vinny said “well, if even the sign looks haunted, I’m guessing that’s the place.”

Vinny strode towards the entrance to the shop, entering the door just behind another man.

Seeing new patrons in his shop, Wille stands up from behind the counter and flattens his apron.
“Hello there! Welcome to Wille’s Pawne Shoppe. Anything I could help you find?”

Jason took little notice to Vinny. However Vinny would be able to see Blue Oyster Cult plain as day. His long tail idly swishing back and forth.

Jason took particular notice of the Stand Arrow mounted on the wall behind the counter.
“Yeah. Mind if I take a look at that arrow right there?”
He said, pointing to the interesting artifact.

Wille turns to look at the arrow on the wall behind him.
“Oh, this? I bought this arrow in Egypt a few decades back off a man from Italy. But, I’ve gotten rather attached to it, so I’m afraid it’s not for sale.”

“Dont worry about it. I don’t want to take it. Just look it over.”
Jason said, keeping a kind and patient tone.

“Sorry if I sound rude, but the arrow is not for sale. You can look at it from there. I’d be happy to help you with anything with a price tag on it.”
Wille grips his wrist as his bracelet grows colder.

“It’s no problem. The thing just peaked my curiosity. I remember my great grand-dad talking about an arrow like that. But while I’m here I might as well look and see what else ya got.”
Jason then looked around for what else was being sold in the shop.

Olivier noticing the shop as well as it’s influx of two sudden new patrons gets down from his perch and heads to the shop himself

Wille notices the masked man enter his shop.
“Hello and welcome! Anything I could help you find?”

The man looked around, curious for anything of note.

Jason initially took interest in the stone mask. He reached for it, but Blue Oyster Cult snapped at his hand with his tail.

Jason shot his hand back and rubbed the back of it. The stinging pain only lasted a few moments. He gave his stand a stern, albeit brief look. The stand simply replied.

“Trust me. You don’t want it.”

Jason then took notice of an odd looking mirror.
“What’s the deal with that thing?”
He said, pointing to the object.

@Holi He might be interested in the mask Jason passed on.
“Oh that? That’s just an old mirror. Looking to buy it?”

“Well I’d hate to head back home without some kind of souvenir. How much is it?”

“That’ll be 20 euro.”