Stand Proud

“Not a bad price. Then again money is never an issue to a Serizawa.”
He said with a confident smirk. He dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. On the side was an image of a snarling reptilian monster, which had more than a passing resemblance to his stand.

“Does a card or check work? I’m afraid I don’t carry much in the way of cash.”

“Card is fine.”

The man picks up the mask quietly, examining it, silently.

Jason walked up to the desk and paid for the mirror.

@MaximusPrimal Wille wraps the mirror in bubble wrap and hands it back to Jason.
“Thank you for your business.”
“The mask? Somebody in Mexico sent that to me. Didn’t leave a name or return address though, real weird. Want to buy it?”

He held up I finger, indicating the owner to wait, as he has apophis pr*ck one of his other fingers, letting the blood drip onto the mask.

@Holi Wille looks confused.
“Ah, what’cha doin’ there?”

He stays silent, looking for any reaction in the mask

@Holi Spikes suddenly thrust out from inside the mask, narrowly missing Oliver’s hand.

He grins under his own mask, before shifting his other hand from showing an indication to wait to a small wad of euros

He said, taking the mirror.

Jason walked to leave the shop, but Blue Oyster Cult was hesitant, and kept a close eye on Oliver on the way out.

Wille’s eyes widen as he finally realizes what the mask really is.
“A-ah… I-I couldn’t convince you to put that back, could I? O-otherwise, y-you can take that free of charge.”

He nods and slipped the wad into his pocket, leaving with the mask

As soon as Oliver leaves, Wille let’s out the breath he was holding.
He points to Jason.
“You’re a Stand user right? And I have a feeling you are as well?”
Wille points to Vinny.
“I need your help, desperately!”

Jason stopped half way through the door and turned around.

“I’m listening.”


Olivier walked down the street, the mask dangling from his belt.

“I should’ve thrown that mask away when it was sent to me. I didn’t know what it was, I thought it might make some profit, but now I’ve doomed the entire town! That mask can give someone who wears it great and terrible power, at the cost of their humanity… you need to get the mask back and destroy it before he has time to use it!”

Head down, Scott wanders the town, looking around occasionally to try and see if there were any interesting goings-on around him.

Jason put on a proud and confident smirk.
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle this easy.”

He then set his mirror by the door, intending to get it back later. He then ran out to confront Oliver before he could get too far.

“Hey you faceless creep! Hand over the mask before I kick your sh*t in!”
He shouted.


Olivier’s shadow contorts and tendrils from it lunge at the shadow casted by Jason’s arm, hiding in creases in the sidewalk to disguise the action