Stand Proud

Jason shouted, more so out of shock and surpise more than actual pain. Granted it still hurt like hell, but the fact he was hurt by an attack he couldn’t see, or even see his his opponent preform both confused and pissed him off.

“What the hell was that!”

“How about you quit showboating and we actually get the job done.”
Blue Oyster Cult said sternly.

“Alright fine! Let’s just do it already!”
Jason snapped.

Jason’s stand then flew into him, the two becoming one. He then began to rapidly grow, near doubling his size, becoming around 12 feet tall. A long, black, scaily tail grew from his lower back and lashed around. One row of jagged spines grew from his upper back and ran down to the base of the tail, with two smaller rows on either side. His teeth bacame sharp, and his fingers extended into claws. He then coated his body in a dull blue flame, as a form of intimidation display. Inadvertently becoming a light source, and his shadow flickered into non-existence.

“I won’t ask again. Hand over the mask now!”
He growled.

Scott sees this. Instinctively, he turns to rush away, but he is stopped, the sound of clanking chains accompanying his stop.

She wouldn’t let him leave. Slowly, and against his will, he walks towards the fight.

He silently held up his finger before pointing to the shadow that had tendrils behind the necks of several bystander’s shadows, ready to impale them.

Luanne walked Scott towards the man, anger in her eyes.

As they approached a shadow readied behind them as well, attempting to add them to the hostages

Luanne stops Scott. She glares at Olivier. “Another one.” She rasps. She hold her hand out, and Scott’s follows. “I’d end this now if I were you.”

Vinny casually strode towards the masked man, he knew he wasn’t in any danger, after all, no one could see through red vox’s illusions, and with his body being surrounded by an active camouflage of the street they were on, well, no one had acknowledged his existence yet.
Halfway there.

He tilts his head, then points at Jason, his fiery stand, and then gestures to to clearly occupied street, before turning, and fully intending on going his own way, yet with apophis primed, just in case.

Luanne activates. “Leave.” She said. A sudden force would send Olivier barreling directly away from Scott and Luanne, his speed increasing the farther he gets.

He grinned under his mask, using the speed to get a good distance away

Vinny was no longer calmly walking, in fact, he was now frantically sprinting after the man who had suddenly been launched away from them.

He would keep flying, until he ran into the first large object in his way that would stop him, likely with quite a bit of force.

When he did he braced himself so that his two masks would be fine despite the impact.

Luanne would force Scott to follow at the fastest speed he could, to find the man and where he landed.

Olivier heads towards the closest train station, limping.

Vinny swung around the corner by a lamppost redirecting his forward momentum, he saw the masked man making his way towards the nearby station, limping? His unexpected escape must not have been by his own accord.
Just 5 more meters until he was within range.

Luanne and Scott see him and rush towards him.

Olivier stands at the station, awaiting the train, and once again readies apophis to stroke bystanders in case of an attack.(@Diero) he also, seemingly deliberately, had his back turned to his pursuers, for what reason however wasn’t apparent.

Finally, Vinny has caught up to the mysterious masked man.
4 walls of steel form around the man, encasing him in a hollow cube.
“If you want to live,” echoed Vinny’s voice within the block “I suggest you Cooperate with me”

He kept his head pointed down, enough to obscure the featureless mask, replying, “is that so?”
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