Stand Proud

“You’re injured, your trapped inside a box, and if you hurt any civilians I will kill you,” Vinny’s disembodied voice continued to echo within the cube “so yes, I suggest you be a good boy and give me that mask you took. If you do, I’ll let you go on your way, no hard feelings, deal?”

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“why yes, just lower these walls and I’ll happily hand it over,” he replied, as he did so however he had apophis make a cut in his right hand.

Wille tentatively looks outside to see how the situation is going, the thought crossing his mind to use the mirror left in his shop to help. He decides against that, seeing as there is a large metal box outside that presumably has the masked man inside of it. He walks back to the counter and let’s his hand hover over the panic button underneath it.

“Alright then”
The walls began the dissipate revealing Vinny standing about a meter away.
“slide the mask towards me” he said calmly.

He grinned, and on close inspection Vinny might notice the mask on his hip was not the stone mask, but the one he had been wearing prior.

With the situation having been resolved (as far as he was aware) Jason reverted to his normal form and went to retrieve his mirror.

He walked inside and grabbed it. Just as he did so a thought crossed his mind. He turned to the shop owner and asked
“So is there any crazy magic stuff I should worry about with this thing?”


@MaximusPrimal “Nope, nothing you need to worry about!”
Wille stays firmly seated behind the counter.

Jason simply shrugged and said
“Alright then. Hope you have a nice day.”

With that he left and returned to his hotel room.

Once inside he set the mirror against the wall and began to look it over very closely.

“What are you doing?”
His stand asked.

“I know he said there wasn’t anything weird about this thing, but if he had a Stand Arrow and some crazy stone doom mask, there’s no way this is just a regular mirror.”


Olivier quickly moves his bleeding hand to the mask he was wearing, revealing it to be the stone mask, laughing maniacally as he did. (@Diero)

Wille doesn’t notice because he’s cowering in the shop.

OOC: What about the mirror?

The mirror isn’t doing anything at the moment.

Jason tapped on the mirror and continued to look it over, before giving up and flopping back on his bed.

“Ugh. This vacation stinks.”
He complained.

“It was your idea.”
Blue Oyster Cult replied.

“Yeah, but how was I supposed to know taking a break from crime fighting would be so boring!”

Jason got up and looked out his window, hoping to see anything of interest.

OOC: you have control of the mask, do you not? I’m tagging you because I’m using it.

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IC: Like before, spikes come out from inside the mask, this time stabbing Oliver’s head in multiple places. Sparkling light shines out from the mask as Oliver feels a surge of power within him. Also, curiously enough, the sunlight on his back is starting to feel warmer than usual.

OOC: wasn’t I inside?
IC: Olivier falls to his knees, cackling

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Luanne rushes over to Olivier and stops nearby, watching the strange event.

Vinny remained standing where he was, looking at Olivier with a cold expression.

As the mask fell free and the transformation completed olivier put his other mask back onto his face, “my apologies, I got carried away with the moment,” he said, coldly as he slid thr mask over. “As promised.”