Stand Proud

As soon as Jason looked away, he’d hear a tapping sound coming from the mirror’s direction.

Jason immediately turned his head to see where the noise came from, and quickly got up to investigate the mirror.

The mirror doesn’t do anything.

Jason looked at it quizically, and then he had an idea. Slowly he turned around, putting his back to the mirror.


Luanne rushes in at him, throwing punches.

He again hears a tapping sound, followed by what sounds like a cartoon bouncy ball.

Jason immediately turns around. His head spun so fast someone might have mistaken him for an owl.

He goes to catch one fist as apophis tries to catch the others via their shadows

The mirror Is bouncing around the room, making it’s way towards the window.

“What the hell!”
Jason exclaimed in surprise.

“I got this!”
Blue Oyster Cult said, using his great speed to catch the mirror.

OOC: is he using one or two hands?

OOC: Two

The mirror almost bounces out of Blue Oyster Cult’s hands before it stops moving.

While he held it, Blue Oyster Cult looked it over to see what had caused it to act the way it did.

There appeared to be nothing odd on the mirror’s surface.

Jason angrily the mirror from his stand.

“Hold on. I got an idea.”

He then placed the mirror back against the wall, but put it so the refletive side was away from them.

Jason hears the same tapping noise from before, then the mirror starts leaning over onto its side.

Jason grabs the mirror and tries to keep it still.

“What is with you! Tell me your secrets!”
Jason shouted angrily.

“Super natural or not, it’s still a mirror. I doubt it’ll be up for talking.”
His stand said.

The tapping noise returns, and Jason can definitely fell the mirror vibrate.

Scott then tries to wrap the chain connecting his wrist to Luanne’s around Olivier’s wrist and pull it tight around.

Scott may not like this fighting, but his fear of Luanne outweighed his reservations about the situation.