Stand Proud

Apophis caught the chain via it’s shadow, and the masked figure waved his finger tauntingly

Luanne growls and activated her ability, trying to push him forcefully into the station’s wall.

He dug in his feet, using his newfound strength, though it wasn’t fully successful as he was being pushed, just not as rapidly as before

Suddenly Olivier felt a strong upwards force on his chin, as if he was being uppercut by the force of two men.
“Get him outside!” Vinny’s voice boomed, “into sunlight!”

“Sorry,” Vinny said more quietly, “my employer wouldn’t be very happy with me letting an abomination as strong as a vampire just walk out of here. Of course, you knew the moment you put on that mask that I couldn’t let you live.”

He tilts his head as he landed, using apophis to lock nearby doors in sight. Before having it’s tendrils launch at Vinny’s shadow.

OOC: Would I kill whoever’s inside the mirror if I broke it?

OOC: No, you wouldn’t kill them

“Alright. I got an idea!”
Jason brought the mirror down and raised his fist.

“Are you sure? You have no idea what that could do.”
Blue Oyster Cult protested.

“Yeah well nothing else is working, and I don’t want this thing to wreck my room!”
He then brought his fist down and smashed the mirror.

Luanne and Scott pushed off of Olivier, trying to get a distance and regain their bearings.

He cockily looked at them, before firing two beams of pressurized liquid from his eyes.

OOC: Wait you mean they aren’t lasers?

OOC: yes, they aren’t.

They roll to the side, and try to angle themselves to have him between them and the train tracks.

He follows their movements, with lacking accuracy

They continued to dodge, and waited. Despite their fight, Luanne assumed the trains would still be running. (@Diero)

The beams ended and his eyes were missing as a result. Yet using his other hieghtened senses to maintain awareness

Olivier couldn’t have known what was about to happen to him Vinny had disappeared again by the time the shadow tendrils had reached where his shadow had been.
Vinny knew to seize this momentary weakness to its fullest extent.
First he encased the vampire in a steel cube, then blasted him with the sound of 100 church bells, which reverberated off the walls of his windowless cage, decimating his eardrums and knocking him off balance.
While this was happening he was repositioning himself for the final blow.
Now with Olivier between himself and the entrance he used his stands strength to kick him towards it.

He went flying towards the door, barely being able to catch himself before hitting it with apophis. As he steadied he used the stand to drag a nearby civilian to him. Quietly he slipped his fingers into their neck…

@Runa the trains are still running.
@MaximusPrimal Silver mist starts emanating from under the pieces of broken mirror on the floor. It starts rising upward, and the wisps of smoke start to condense into the shape of a person. Finally, the mist solidifies into the form of Elfman Jack. He stretches and loudly pops his neck.
“Oh, my goodness! It was so cramped in there!”
Looking around the room, he spots the window. Jack then immediately walks over, throws open the window, and leans out over the street.
“Oh, and I’d forgotten what fresh air was like!”
He turns to Jason.
“Hey, you, what year is it?”

“Uh, 2019.”
Jason answered hesitantly. Not sure how to handle the situation.