Star Wars Anthology Films (Minor Rogue One Spoilers)

So we finally got the official look at Star Wars: Rogue One due to Disney’s D23. Who’s exited?


This is the movie I’ve wanted for so long.

I’m thinking it looks cool, I’m looking forward to it

aren’t we getting Cad Bane and/or bounty hunters? I heard somewhere

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I have no idea as for what the villains will be. I just guessed that the bad guys would be the Empire, since this is about a team that stole the Death Star plans.


I heard bounty hunters like/such as Cad Bane and Boba Fett would be after them, but I could be wrong

Darth Vader will play a small role, so I hope it ends up being the Empire’s Fines vs. the Rebellion’s Best.

I don’t understand why. The empire usually doesn’t hire Bounty Hunters, unless it’s absolutely crucial (like Vader did in The Empire Strikes Back to hunt Solo). And what would bounty hunters gain if they did it by themselves? Get the empire to give them cash? It’s better to stay under the radar as a Bounty Hunter.

This is what I was thinking.


it doesn’t have to be a public thing. Also I’d like to think the Empire keeps track of the good bounty hunters for use. Besides it’s the death star plans.

Also, d’you think we’ll see young versions of original trilogy characters?

I highly doubt it

we’ll probably see vader in the background though

The only one I can imagine seeing is Princess Leia. Solo and Luke are probably busy doing other stuff for themselves. (Like pirating cargo or working as a moisture farmer.)


… would they introduce EU stuff here? Considering it may or may not work like in Clone Wars or Rebels

EU isn’t canon anymore. :sob:
That includes Clone Wars and every character introduced in it.
and comics,
and books,
and games,
There’s nothing left except for the movies, Rebels and new comics/books.


Not true. The CGI Clone Wars animated series is actually canon.


and thus Delta Squad and Clone Commandos are still canon. Not the material around them outside Clone Wars I think, right?

Also, How about the villains be a shadowy Storm Trooper/Imperial Guard battalion set after them by Sidious?

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Well, I’m glad that’s canon still. :smile:

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That means Boba Fett is dead. :cry:

Anyways, this sounds really Fantasti-cool™, I look forward to it!

Weren’t the guys who stole the plans Bothan?


No no. The Bothans were the ones who stole information prior to the Battle of Endor about the second Death Star, not the first. That’s why it only comes up in Return of the Jedi.


No, it was said in the film.

Auh yeah, I remember now. Thanks.

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there’s no way they’ll keep it that way