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The rough and tumble rebel crew would welcome the two onto their ship
OOC: from here you and @meepinater can lead this team, similar to @TheMOCingbird and @Diero‘s purge troopers


“That’s why this is going to be a grab-and-go mission.” He told her quietly before ordering the ground troops to get on the ship and ready to get moving to Fondor.

Kay nodded, stepping on the ship. “We just need to be quick and careful. Locate him before the Imps, and then get him.”

Ygdras nods, “May the Force be with us.”

The Third Brother nodded in agreement as he too order a pair of Purge Troopers to follow.

“Permission granted.” The Third Brother responded as he continued to walk. His first stop would be the local cantina. If you wanted to know where someone was, a hive of scum and villainy was a pretty good place to start.

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TK-3616 nodded and jogged back to Juliana.
“We’re clear.”

The rebel’s freighter would lift off and jump to lightspeed, then emerge at Fondor. They’d land at the shipyards above the planet where Witock welcomed them. “Greetings,” he said “I am Adam Witock and I am leading this… competition. I need you to bring me the Jedi cultist from the planet alive,” he explained “it is every man for himself, and I do not care how many of you die bringing me the traitor. Group two may now board the transport”

Kay nodded, suppressing a few harsh words and a scowl. She boarded the transport.

Juliana looked a little surprised at the help.

“Oh, um… thank you!”

Treehorn (Ygdras’ undercover Bounty Hunter name/ his name when he was a bounty hunter before joining the Rebellion) growls in Dathomirian, Kay would notice his accent was a lot thicker (like he had lived on Dathomir his whole life) but wouldn’t sound like he was trying to make his accent more prominent. He begins following Kay onto the transport.

OOC: who’s Silva?

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“It’s nothing.” TK-3516.
“Let’s get up on the rooftops and see what we can see.”
He scanned the alleyway for a way up to the top of the buildings.

A rather stocky looking man wearing an outdated clone helmet rushed into the boarding era for transport 2, clearly out of breath with a buzz droid perched contentedly on his shoulder. “That. Was. Too close.” Brorden panted between his heavy breathing, clearly relived not to have missed the transport. He began to look around at the other faces in the transport, looking for any notable figures.

Digg just brushed it off as a weird occurrence of the day, and began to make his way towards the railspeeder that would take him to the Airfield. He checked his watch before boarding the nearest train car. After wolfing down what was left of his space waffle, The Shistavanen grabbed one of the overhead bars on the ceiling and waited for the Railspeeder to stop at his intended destination.

Once they get on their way, The Eleventh Brother gave orders to his troopers.
“Once we find the Jedi, your job is to get him cornered. Don’t engage unless I’m incapacitated or otherwise unable to capture them, I want to deal with the traitor myself.”
He starts reaching out with his feelings to try and find traces of the Light side.

One individual he’d see was a tall Dathomirian Zabrak in mismatched armor, probably trophies from previous hunts, with red and black markings standing with a red astromech droid.

Brorden gave the Zabrak a friendly wave as he looked the rather intimating bounty hunter over. “Remind me to stay on this one’s good side.” He whispered to Coop, who respond with a short series of whirls and beeps.

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He’d find a fire escape

Trains wouldn’t be running. No transportation is except the shuttles bringing in troops and hunters

Everything would be clouded from the bustling chaos of the panicking city and he wouldn’t find anything except that there’s a light side presence somewhere

The Zabrak’s astromech gave a worried couple of beeps causing the hunter to look at Brorden, Cooper in particular, suspiciously then muttering something in Dathomirian to the droid who returned to its normal standing position.

“At least I’ll have an excuse for being late,” Digg grumbled, fumbling through his bag for a nap.

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