Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

He would grab onto the ledge of it.

He continued forward.

Ooc he would need to climb up from the ledge first lol

He started climbing.

As he found his way to the cave he would see a floating object emitting a pale blue glow.

Bower approached it.

It flew away further into the tunnel

Bower growled and ran after it.

Ygdras tries to sense if there is anyone outside the cave.

OOC: So, what is the result of Bower chasing after the small blue light?

There are none yet

@Toa_Vladin He is unable to catch it. “Patience, you must have, padawan,” a recognizable voice tells him.

Bower stopped and turned around, looking for the master.

He didn’t show himself visibly but kept speaking. “Without patience, anger, and from anger, comes hate, and hate leads to suffering,”

“Master! Why clones attack?” the Abyssin asked.

Han stood up and decided to walk away. It was more than likely that Bower will find his way back by himself.

OOC: FOR THE LAST TIME all the trials are happening at approximately the same time

OOC: Wow, chill. Keyword: approximately. Who’s to say that Han now is not going to his trial, even tho it will come later on. I just want to have moments in which to remind you all and myself that Han is still existing.

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OOC: That seems unnecessary… sorry for blowing up though

Bower’s trial: “Deceived by the dark side, we were. Allow the same to happen to you, do not. Listen to the force. Guide you, it will,”

Bower closed his eyes and tried to feel the Force.

He would feel the crystal he was chasing, suspended in air. It’s almost as if it wants him to call to it.

He slowly approached it.

It flew away again. He may feel an urge to change strategy