Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Kaiden activated his lightsaber just in time to deflect a blaster bolt into the top of the cave as one of the clones rushed his position.

The clone would drop his blaster and pull out an electrostaff, still charging at the child.

Ygdras felt pure panic fill him as he reached out with the Force out of instinct, wanting to make the clones go away and leave them alone.

Kaiden planted his feet firmly in the ground, waiting for the clone to strike.

the clone would strike downwards towards Kaiden

Ygdras reached out to try and push the clones away as hard as he could using the Force.

He would succeed in pushing three back into a wall, but he’d feel the dark side starting to creep up on him.

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Ygdras seemed more scared than anything, his gaze darting about like a cornered beast of prey.

Kaiden would attempt to block the strike by positioning his blade laterally, then quickly twisting his wrist to the right to bring the other end of the blade flitting toward the trooper. @EmperorDuckie OOC You should probably reply to Vladin.

@Toa_Vladin Several blaster bolts would fly towards him
@TheMOCingbird the block would succeed but the maneuver would fail, allowing the trooper to bring the electrostaff down onto Kaiden
@BlackBeltGamer98 Ygdras would feel energy building up in him as he entered a heightened version of a fight or flight mode.

Chimm would see Kaiden get struck and sprint over to fight the trooper that hit him, at least long enough to let Kay (@meepinater) help Kaiden

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Kaiden stumbled back, trying to stay on his feet. Pushing through he pain, he made one more lunge at the trooper with his light saber.

Kay rushes over, trying to hold him back.
“No, no. Let me heal you!” She urged.

@meepinater The trooper would kick Kay away
@TheMOCingbird The attack would succeed, but Kaiden would collapse from his injuries

Chimm finally made it to the other two. “Han! Ygdras! Bower! Group up!”

Kay grunted and stumbled back, before recovering and hurrying towards Kaiden again.

Ygdras clenched his hand into a fist focusing on a clone trooper nearby, specifically their neck.

Han would yell in fear, but Bower would jump in front of him and dodge the bolts with his saber.

Kaiden tried to get to his feet, but couldn’t, seething with pain.

Kay grabbed a med kit and started to heal him. “Stay still.”

@BlackBeltGamer98 He would succeed in breaking to trooper’s neck, but another with an electrostaff would come at him from behind
@meepinater a clone would fire at Kay and hit her arm
@Toa_Vladin Bower would block most of the shots, but others would graze him

Chimm grabbed Kaiden’s lightsaber and ignited one of the blades. “HAN! Get your crystal and build your saber!” He shouted preparing to defend Kay and Kaiden


Kay cried out and clutched her arm.