Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

“This is where Jedi go to face trials for Kyber crystals. Do you know what those are for?”

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IC: Ygdras looked in the direction of the dark presence he felt before, afraid of what may be coming.

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The younglings would feel the rumbling of large cannon rounds pounding against the outside of the cave.

@Toa_Vladin Han would feel, but not hear, the voices of his fellow students. He wouldn’t know where their voices were coming from

“Not good.” Ygdras said, frightened by the booming. He tries to reach out with the Force to try and identify their pursuers.

Kaiden heard the pounding, and activated his lightsaber. “Do any of you know if there is another exit further into the caves?” He asked the others, not taking his attention off the cave entrance.

Ygdras shrugged nervously, starting to step away from the booming sound and closer to the group.

Kay tensed.
“They found us.”

“We need to go deeper into the caves.” Kaiden said as he began to back toward the caverns.

Han started running in the hallways, looking for them.

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He would come to a ravine. It looked like a bridge used to be there, but was gone now. He would see a pale blue shimmering on a stalagmite on the other side

He tried to search for a way to cross the ravine.

There wouldn’t be any. It wasn’t too far, he has a chance at jumping.

He made a few steps backwards, before running as fast as he could towards the ravine, hoping to have gained enough momentum.

He would barely make it

Han would let himself fall on the icy floor, breathing heavily in shock.

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The cave wall next to him would explode, sending him and his crystal flying.

He tried to hang onto the edge of the ravine so that he wouldn’t fall.

He would fail and find himself on the ground. The crystal would be right next to him and he’d hear a large number of individuals storming the caves. They’d be met by Chimm who would chop one clone down, and lock his lightsaber against another’s electrostaff

Han stood up, confused by what was happening around him.