Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Bower kept practicing with his lightsaber, muttering words like “kill” and “cut”, together with long sentences of his native language.

Kaiden leaned against the wall, rubbing his arm up and down with his hand, both to try and soothe the pain and warm himself from he cold. If the others didn’t hurry then they would all be doomed. He tried to reach out through the force to the two other students, trying to warn them of the urgent situation. @TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika @Toa_Vladin

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IC: Bower closed his lightsaber as he approached tge others.

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OOC Yeah, but Han is still in there.

OOC:I mean, I could say that he would have returned with the crystal before ED comes with the trial but… Nah, it wouldn’t be as good.

Bid eventually caught up to the others, he was chubby and slow so his running was not that successful

OOC: Bid would still be facing his trial

OOC: when did it start

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“Not much…” Bid pauses

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“What have you come for, small Jedi?”

“I was just walking around, not much…”

OOC is he lying or does he really not know the importance of the situation?


OOC: he doesn’t really know, Bid isn’t very intelligent so his test would likely improve his intellect

OOC: Wait, he doesn’t know what the Jedi temple on Illum is for?

OOC: Not only does he lack intelligence but he is forgetful, he might’ve known but he forgot

“You cone to the Jedi temple on Illum not knowing what you are here for?”

“So this is the Ilum temple?” Bid asks

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“Yes. Do you know what you’re here for?”

“Something?” Bid asks

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