Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Fear and terror gripped the Zabrak’s hearts like a vice as he whispered one word, “Karabast!” Before running off to warn the others.

Bower’s lightsaber was ready. He opened his eye and grinned widely as he took his new weapon.
“Lightsword! Lightsword!” he yelled enthusiastically, as he turned it on, a long, green blade forming from it.
Bower started swinging it around him, not really carrying if he hits something or somebody. Now he seemed to be focused exclusively on the lightsaber.

Chimm finally made his way back to the group and pulled out his stuff to build his saber, when he noticed Kaiden injured. “What happened?”

Kaiden motioned to the others to be quiet, ignoring Chimm’s question. Something felt…off. He tapped into the force to see if he could sense it more.

He would sense the clones attempting to enter. They wouldn’t succeed

Kay looked up.
She gripped her staff tightly, sensing the evil intent.

“Calm down everyone they can’t get in,” chimm explained. “We just need to wait for the other two then we can get out of here,”

“Enter in who?” Bower asked. Till this moment he was too busy swinging his lightsaber to feel the clones.

“Is there an exit further in the tunnels, and is there anyway we can get a signal out to the Jedi, or the rest of the Republic?” Kaiden asked as looked around at the others, trying his best to stay strong.

Ygdras then entered the room, looking frightened like he had seen the ghost of Darth Bane or something.

“Whatever it is, it wants to kill.” He said as he caught his breath, “specifically, it wants to kill us.”

Kaiden’s grip around his lightsaber tightened when Ygdras entered into the room. He reached out in the force to sense if his fellow padwan was the source of the danger. Kaiden slowly walked in front of the other young kings, putting himself between Ygdras and the others in the event that Ygdras has another outburst.

The danger wasn’t with Ygdras. Kaiden could sense great guilt and that he was sincerely sorry for what he did.

Bower jumped upand turned on his saber.
“You say where, I kill!”

“We have to wait for the rest of the group”

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“No.” Ygdras said firmly, “We need to get everyone together and find a way off this planet while avoiding that which seeks to kill us.”

And I have a feeling that the clones are the ones hunting us. he thought, not saying this out loud to keep everyone from panicking.

OOC: Bid and Han are still in the caves searching for their crystals.

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“Getting everyone together requires us to wait for them to come to us. It’s like a maze in there, we can’t just go into the caves and hope we run into them.”

Ygdras was going to protest against that but thought on it.

“Then we’ll wait.” He said, “Either our hunters break through the ice or the others get back with their Kyber crystals.” He continued. “In any case, we need to be ready to put as much distance between us and our hunters as possible.” He finished in a quiet tone in case someone was spying on them.

Kaiden nodded, relived that he and Ygdras didn’t but heads. At the beginning of this whole thing Kaiden promised to protect the others and not leave anyone behind, and he wasn’t about to break that promise now.

OOC I thought we established the clones will not be able to do that

IC: Chimm sat down and arranged the parts for his saber around him. He willed for them to form the shape of a long, thin hilt around the crystal. The emitter was made from the tip of the clone heavy blaster he found, and the hilt from part of the electrostaff. He moved the parts to connect with each other. He reached out and grabbed the weapon. Igniting the blade. It was a bright color in between green and blue, but more blue than green.

OOC: that’s OOC knowledge; our characters may not know it IC.

IC: Ygdras admired the lightsaber from a distance.

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