Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

“I’m not done with you yet.” He growled, his anger rising. He began to approach Kai with his blade still active.

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Kay stood up with her finished lightsaber staff. She clicked it on, and a dark emerald blade emerged from the end of the staff. It was only about 1/3 of the whole weapon’s length.


“I said I was done fighting.” Kaidens said sternly as he continued to walk away, his back turned. He could sense Ygdras’s anger rising, and hoped he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Ygdras was struggling to form a response in his mind and it just made him angrier. He was starting to go into an outburst. He was trying to calm down but it was all for naught as he started to reach out with the Force.

OOC: he’s either going to crush something, throw something or throw someone (likely Kai because he was still focusing on him somewhat) with the Force when he lashes out.

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Kaiden slipped his cracked mask over his face as he sensed Ygdras’s growing anger. Don’t do anything stupid, please don’t do anything stupid. Kaiden thought to himself as if he were talking to Ygdras. He kept his back turned to Ygdras, but braced himself for what was about to happen.

Stop hiding behind a mask! Ygdras thought as he blacked out.

The young Zabrak yelled in rage and swung his free arm like he was hurling something, Kai would feel a sudden strong push hit him and would knock him into the nearby wall if he didn’t try to defend himself.

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Idiot! Kaiden thought as he felt himself moving and slammed his forearm into the wall to buffer the collision. Cracks ran through the ice wall as Kaiden regained his senses. Luckily he had stayed on his feet, and was able to react with incredible speed. Reaching out through the force, he tried to freeze Ygdras in place before he could do more damage.

Ygdras suddenly realized he slipped again and started to step backwards away from Kai, afraid he was in trouble and feeling sorry for what he did.

The attempt caused the Zabrak to stutter a bit but he still kept moving back and was starting to pick up speed.

He felt colder, even though the temperature hadn’t changed.

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Bower continued working on his Lightsaber.

Kaiden glared at Ygdras, though the Zabrak would only see the empty eyes of the mask staring back. Kaiden fully recovered, and straightened his back. Ygdras would see blood from his arm seeping through his cloak where he had hit the wall. By now the others in the room would be

OOC @Toa_Vladin @meepinater remember, this is all happening infant of your characters eyes.

Ygdras shifted his footing but stepped back when he felt the glare from the Arkanian.

“Keya?” He asked (@meepinater) as he began stepping away from the group, he tried directing her gaze at Kai’s bleeding arm before running off to be alone for a bit, calling his blaster back to him with the Force and putting his lightsaber safely away on his belt.

Kai’s cloak was still where it was when he threw it back at Ygdras.

Kaiden silently limped toward the corner of the room and put his back against the wall as he slowly slid down it. He was only bleeding a little, but his body was still pretty shaken and sore from the impact.

Kay ran over, deactivating her saber. She grabbed her med-kit and began tending to the wounds.

Ygdras fled off to a place in the caves that left him completely alone to his thoughts.

Bower didn’t really cared for what was happening, as the crystal entered inside of the near-finished Lightsaber handle.

“Thanks.” Kaiden mumble, wincing in pain as Kay tended to his wound.

“No problem.” Kay finished her work.
“Just take it easy for a bit.”

Whoever was the most force-sensitive would suddenly feel the slightest suspicion of sudden and immediate danger. Further along, there would be the faintest hissing sound.

OOC: does this threat currently have the intent to kill?

IC: Ygdras tried to focus on the Force and Kybers’ song to try and calm down from his panic at having snapped at Kai like he did.

Ygdras couldn’t sense too much… The hissing was mechanical, not organic. Underneath the hissing machine, however, there seemed to be a threatening presence, possibly wanting to kill - not just anyone, but the padawans specifically. Harm was intended, although it could easily lead to butchering.