Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

The clone would know he was there and be able to block.
Chimm would join in by trying to slide in and stab the clone from behind while it’s distracted with ygdras and succeed

Ygdras looks around to see who was still alive.

All the younglings minus Han and bower, and the clone commander.

“The Jedi order is gone. The Jedi betrayed the republic, and if you still affiliate with the Jedi religion, you’re a traitor and a war criminal. Turn yourselves in,” the clone said.

Chimm looked to his teammates, no, his friends, for their response.

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Ygdras just gave the commander a defiant look.

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Kay stepped back and looked at the Clone commander.
“Why are you killing children?” She asks.
“Even the Republic wouldn’t go that far. We’re barely a threat. We just barely defended ourselves against a pack of inexperienced clones.”

The clone sat idly, and seemed to relax his tensed grip on his sword. “Good soldiers follow orders” he said gripping his sword again. “Turn yourselves in or you will die” he said
Chimm ignited his lightsaber

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“Better soldiers do what’s right.” Kay argued back.

“You aren’t soldiers, you’re children under a religion that’s hiding a terrorist group that betrayed the republic” the clone said

“Lies. The Jedi were established to protect the weak.” Kaiden said as he took a step forward toward the commander. He eyed the distance between the group and the exit, trying to calculate the time it would take to sprint out ounce they had to escape.

“I never said I was a soldier. I was brought into this “religion” against my will, do you think that’s enough reason to brutally murder me?” Kay retorted.
“You’re a soldier. Be a better soldier than your troopers and do the right thing.”

Ygdras suddenly felt his anger well up, he was getting tired of hearing this liar talk about betrayal when the commander himself was now betraying those who risked their lives for him, his brothers and The Republic for Force knows how long.

The commander would start feeling a pressure on his windpipe, and it was increasing slowly.

It would be enough to cause discomfort but hardly more than that.
Chimm would notice it “ygdras, stop that! That’s not the Jedi way!”

Ygdras looks at him, “He is in the way.” He muttered to him, “He needs to be moved.”

Kaiden fidgeted with his grip on his lightsaber, eyeing the clone from beneath his mask, waiting. If they waited too long, then reinforcements could show up, further thinking their already slim chance of survival.

Chimm decided now wasn’t the time to deal with ygdras. There wasn’t time. He charged towards the clone and leaped at him, but the clone activated a Mandalorian magnetic repulser in his gauntlet and Chimm fell to the ground. The clone started making its way towards the younglings, despite the shortness of breath it would have from Ygdras’ attempted chokehold

Ygdras sensed great danger from this clone, this was a creature heckbent on killing them. “Chimm, stay away from him!” Ygdras said as he tried to use the Force to push Chimm away from the clone.

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Kaiden rushed toward Chimm, attempting to draw the clone’s attention away from the fallen youngling. He maintained a guard position, trying to get between the clone and his prey,

Chimm got up, though a little discombobulated. He used the force to bring his saber back to himself. “We need to figure out how to beat this guy”

Kay extended her hands and tried to lift the clone into the air.

“We fight, we die.” Ygdras said, “We need to escape.”

“And no, I’m not a coward; I know when I am outmatched.” He added.