Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

She’d fail

Chimm would ignore ygdras and try to think of how to take down the slowly approaching clone.

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Ygdras looked for anything that could give the younglings enough of an opening to escape with their lives.

Kay frowned and ignited her lightsaber, running up next to Chimm.
“If we all take him we might have a chance.” She whispered.

“Not if we all want to make it out alive…” Chimm whispered to himself. “You guys… you guys go… I’ll… try to keep him busy,” he whispered

Mother…Sisters…Brothers… Ygdras thought, …Masters…Friends…Children of the Force…all the Jedi…I beg for your guidance, your help…we need to escape, to hide from this dark storm to wait it out…

Ygdras had his eyes closed, trying to tap into the Force, call on it for guidance and help so that he and the remaining Youngling could escape from this planet with their lives. Those near the Zabrak would probably notice he was shaking from the sheer effort he was pouring into this…and sense his desperation to find some way out of this alive with his friends.

“No. We will make it out of here together.” Kaiden said firmly. I won’t fail to protect, if I can’t do that, I cant do anything. With that, he ran to engage the clone commander.

“No, no way. We’re all doing this together. We all live or we all die. We can’t leave anyone behind, it’s not the Jedi way.”

“KAIDEN!!” Chimm shouted running after his friend to try to help
The clone commander lunged an Kaiden to bring his blade on top of him

Ygdras falls to one knee as he tries to call on something, he didn’t care if it was a Dathomirian revenant or some Sith power, anything (Yeah, he is that desperate); to help the group escape with their lives through the Force. He’s now shaking like he’s trying to hold up an extremely heavy load.

Kaiden planted his feet firmly in the ground, raising his saber to block the strike, then after the two blades clash, planning to activate the second blade and step to the side with the flick of a wrist in hopes of catching the clone off guard and getting a hit in.

He would hit a stronger section on the clone’s armor, barely leaving a mark. The clone would repulse him with his gauntlet, and Chimm would attempt to attack and be blocked.

@BlackBeltGamer98 he would feel the urge to run, and take Kay with him

Ygdras felt that urge, “Everyone, just run!” He yells, “Run outside and keep running and stay together!” He immediately dashes towards Kay, the way he was rushing to her was like someone wanting to protect a loved one (like a sibling). (@meepinater)

The clone was still in the way…no, the enemy, the predator, was still in the way. He tries to use the Force to suggest to the group that pushing the Commander as far away from them and the exit as possible would be their best bet to escape alive.

Chimm would hear this and attempt to get behind the clone and pressure him back

Kay force pushed at the clone, hoping that everyone else will join in the effort to push him away.

She would fail at anything but briefly staggering it to let Chimm force it back, even if briefly.

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Ygdras stood next to Kay, glared at the clone and tried to push him as far from the younglings and the cavern exit (the one that leads to the outside) as possible. “Everyone! Together!”

Kay continued to pour all her strength into pushing the clone.

“Go! You two get out of here, start the ship. Kaiden, go with them! I’ll try to hold him”

“You’re coming with us, Chimm!” Ygdras said, “I know you don’t want to do this but it’s wiser to run and live so you can fight another day than die in vain!” The Zabrak told the Togruta.

“None of us will love if someone doesn’t fight” Chimm said through misty eyes. “You were all the best friends I could’ve asked for” Chimm said as the staggered clone recovered and lunged at Chimm, who dodged the blow and used the force to blow snow onto the clones visor