Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

“Just run!” Ygdras said, almost like an order.

Kay charged at the trooper and swung her lightsaber.
“You’re not dying. If you’re staying then I’ll stay!”

OOC Kay would’ve already been towards the cave exit/entrance
EDIT: meaning she wouldn’t have been able to take that action

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Ygdras grabs her, “He’s trying to give us a chance to escape.” He told her firmly.

Kay struggled against Ygdras’ grip, but gives up and puts her lightsaber away.

Ygdras looked around at the group, taking stock of who was with him.

Only Kay is with him, Kaiden and Chimm are with the clone

OOC: That’s the remaining group, 5 younglings?

IC: Ygdras checks again quickly to make sure he properly counted.

OOC: four.

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Ygdras looks worried, he counted four and that number was evenly split up.

Kaiden stumbled back, glancing out of the corner of his eye as Ygdras and Kay began to leave. That’s two. He turned his gaze toward Chimm who was engaged with the commander. “Chimm, I have a plan where we can escape.” He spoke to his fellow youngling, reaching out through the force. “We can fall back toward the exit, and cause a cave in, trapping him inside.” It was a desperate plan, but at this rate the commander would easily be able to best them both in combat.

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Ygdras was near the opening with Kay, watching Kaiden and Chimm, Take the risk, he thought, this isn’t fleeing, it’s retreating.

“Alright, you go first. I’m not watching anymore of my friends die.”

Kaiden nodded, beginning to back up slowly toward the exit.

Chimm would tap into the force to attempt to push the clone over, and fail to do that but succeed in causing it to stumble and be blinded from more snow. He’d run to Kaiden, but the clone would recover quicker than he expected and fire a grappling line from his gauntlet at Chimm. Chimm would cut the line, but it’d slow him enough for the clone to catch up

Ygdras tried to push the clone back further with the Force, wanting to give Chimm any help he could.

OOC I accidentally posted that last one too early haha. Ygdras would cause the clone to feel slight resistance but at that distance it wouldn’t do much

OOC: Sorry, I think reading Thrawn is making me try to think like a Chiss.

IC: Ygdras tries to use the Force to break a chunk of rock or ice from nearby and try to strike the clone with it, hoping to distract him from Chimm and Kaiden to, hopefully, widen the gap between them.

The fist sized chunk Of ice would shatter against the clones helmet but crack his visor, forcing the clone to take off its helmet

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OOC: Thanks for the reusable ammo! :smiling_imp:

Ygdras would ■■■■■ his focus on the helmet, now it was trying to bash into the clone to slow him down more, like a very large bee that had the fury and persistence of a whole swarm.

It was clear Ygdras wanted to try and save as many of his friends as he could before risking abandoning them to their hunters.