Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Kaiden wasted no time, quickly pulling a 180 in his sprint toward the exit, instead running back toward the dazed clone. He outstretched one arm behind himself both in an attempt to push Chimm and the others farther out of the cave, as well as propel himself faster toward the clone.

“Guys! Come on!” Ygdras called to Kaiden and Chimm, trying to pester the clone with his own discarded helmet.

Kaiden, in the heat of desperation would miraculously succeed in pushing Chimm and the others toward the exit, and would land on the clone, his momentum knocking the clone down. Chimm’s eyes went misty again as he knew what had to be done. Knowing it wouldn’t happen, he still reached out with the force to try to urge kaiden to run for it.

Ygdras readied a strong swing, like a giant with their club, aiming to strike the clone to knock him off-balance. (He’s aiming for his body so there’s manageable margin for error) “Kaiden! Come on!” Ygdras called, helping Chimm and Kay up and beckoning the Arkaninan(?) join them.

There was a desperate look in his eyes as he saw a haunting scene: he might lose his family again; first, Dathomir to the Separatists, then the Jedi and now was Kaiden going to join that list?

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Kaiden braced himself as he collided with the clone, sending both crashing into the hard ice floor. He would here the urges of the others, but pushed them to the back of his mind; he was doing what true jedi were meant to do, protect. Kaiden was bruised, battered, and practically freezing to death. Almost his entire body was numb, and he could barely muster the strength to stand, but that wouldn’t matter. With one knee on the ground, he firmly planted one hand on a nearby ice pillar, and the other he used to continue to blast the others out of harms way. With the last of his strength, he pushed on ice, and cracks began to shoot throughout it, quickly spreading with a sickening cracking sound. This is what he had to do.

Chimm would reach out to him one last time “may the force be with you, Kaiden” he muttered out loud as he reached out. “Let’s go…” he said to ygdras and Kay, tears freezing as they run down his cheeks

The cave roof would collapse on kaiden and the clone

Kaiden would sense something in Ygdras’ calls to him…it was like when one was trying to call to a member of their family…Ygdras…considered Kaiden a brother.

“Kaiden!” Ygdras called with all the strength he could muster, “Hurry!” He was adamant, he clearly didn’t want to mourn another loss this day, not for one of his friends, not for a brother.

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“Ygdras… we need to leave. He’s gone. I’m sorry” Chimm said, feeling he failed. “It’s my fault”

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Ygdras howled with grief, rage and pain that erupted from his heart as tears streaked down his face. His cries lost to the winds of Illum. “If he has become one with the Force,” he panted, outstretching his cloak so the others could stay close and stay warm, “Then Kaiden, our own Temple Guard, is with us.”

“His sacrifice won’t be in vain but we need to get off this iceball if we are to honor it properly.” He told them, trying to put on a brave face.

He leans to Chimm, “He died so we could survive, let’s escape, for him and for all the Jedi we lost this day.” He whispered.

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“It’s ok.” Ygdras would feel through the force. “Go.” Was all Kaiden could manage to communicate. Ice crumbled all around him as the cave began to collapse. He took one final look at the others as they ran. He had done it, he had protected them. The others wouldn’t have been able to see it, but beneath his mask, Kaiden smiled…

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Your sacrifice will not be in vain, brother. Ygdras thought.

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Chimm would put an arm around ygdras. “I’m sorry… I couldn’t save him…”

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Ygdras closes his eyes, “He made his choice and he is not gone, he is with us in The Force.” He said, “When we look into the Force, his noble and kind spirit will be there with us.” Ygdras said as he tried to lead Kay and Chimm through the frozen wastes of Illum, trying to use the Force to navigate this harsh tundra to find shelter and, just maybe, a way to escape dying on this icy world.

Kay watched as the cave crumbled around Kaiden and the clone. Her green face shone as tears silently fell from her eyes.
The stress and hardship of this ordeal was finally breaking her down.

Ygdras brought her and Chimm into his claok, trying to use it and his own body heat to try and keep the cold at bay from them as they slowly traversed the harsh, frozen wastes of Illum.

Kay wiped the tears from her cheeks as she tried to spot any way off the planet.

Ygdras tried to sense out shelter and a way off the planet.

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Ygdras would sense the clones’ ship, with a pilot inside.

The Zabrak tries to Mind Trick the clone into believing the younglings were no threat, so much so that it wasn’t worth contacting anyone else about them.

He begins to lead the others to the craft.