Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

He would succeed, but the trick would wear off shortly.

“We also need to disable the trackers in this ship. No way the republic won’t be tracking it”

Ygdras nods and tries to find the tracking systems and permanently disable them.

“We’ll need to keep the pilot under constant Mind Trick or we’re dead.” He told the others as he helped them into the ship.

“I can do that.” Kay said, reaching out with the force and assuring that they were no threat.

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Ygdras nods and ties to get climate controls up to a warm temperature; not my much, but enough to make it more comfortable for the very cold younglings.

“I’m going to grab the pilot’s communication devices and bring him back here” Chimm said going to the cockpit to get any comlinks the pilot may have. He also used the force, trying to look into the clone’s mind trying to find why they may be trying to kill Jedi. He would find a sense of duty, as if it’s obligated to kill the innocent Jedi

Ygdras nodded as he found the tracking systems and tore them out, “We should be free of the eyes of our enemies now.” He said before checking again, just to be safe; you never know if someone hid a secret beacon in a ship.

OOC: Would it be okay if Ygdras had a blaster rifle and still had his backpack and extra clothes?

OOC: sounds good.

IC: Chimm walked out of the cockpit. “I can try to fly it. We need to leave the pilot here. He’ll try to kill us, and I can’t see more life lost…”

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“We need him, he probably knows how to slip past the Venator’s net.” Ygdras said, “No doubt, they were ordered to shoot any unauthorized vessels.” He tries to go deeper into the ship’s systems, not wanting to leave anything unexamined.

“Dang… I guess you’re right.”

Ygdras gave a mental nod to Chimm through the Force as he found and plucked a few more beacons from the hidden nooks and crannies of the ship.

OOC: does this craft have a hyperdrive?

OOC yes

Ygdras finds the hyperdrive tucked away in the back and is careful not to remove the navigation equipment but tamper with it just enough so they could use it without too much chance of getting tracked. The downside of that tampering being that the journey would probably be a bit bumpier than normal and that the navicomputer would have a little trouble establishing a course but, in theory, not enough to warrant concern.

“Need any help?”Chimm would ask

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Ygdras pokes his head out, “It wouldn’t hurt.” he said, accepting the Togruta’s offer. “Gonna warn you now, it’s not exactly spacious in here so, sorry if I bump you.”

OOC sorry about the wait

IC Chimm would crawl in, inspecting the systems “what exactly am I looking for?”

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“Tracking beacons, homing devices, anything that the ship doesn’t need to function that can be used to track us.” Ygdras says.

Kay sat down on the floor in front of the clone, closing her eyes and focusing to maintain the mind trick.

OOC: This is the ship we are in.

IC: Ygdras continues clambering through the shuttle’s interior, looking for any tracking or homing devices that weren’t needed for the ship and hyperdrive to function.

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He wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary

Ygdras double checks every nook and cranny he could to be safe.