Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Other than the clones’ supplies thered be nothing

Ygdras tries to crawl out of the bowels of the shuttle to get back to the passenger part of the ship.

OOC: He’ll probably bump into Chimm as he’s trying to get to the passenger bay.

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IC “sorry, am I in your way?” Chimm would ask

“A little.” Ygdras said, “And no worries.”

Ygdras would feel chimm’s spirits drop again, thinking about the friends he’d lost. Bower, Han, Kaiden. He felt responsible for all their deaths.

“Don’t dwell on the losses, Chimm.” Ygdras said, “Despair leads to the Dark Side taking over.” Chimm would feel Ygdras was also fighting grief not just for the other Younglings but for Dathomir and the massacre the Separatists committed there. He felt that loss when it happened, triggering one of his frequent outbursts back at the temple on Courascant(?).

“I can’t… they were some of my best friends, ygdras. Do you know what that’s like? Telling people they’re gonna make it out alive, that it’s gonna be okay, and then watch as your promise is broken?”

“I lost my entire family, my clan.” Ygdras said, “I know what you’re going through very well.”

“I’m sorry…” Chimm said. “What do we do with the pilot?”

“I don’t know.” Ygdras said, “Part of me wants to kill him so we have no witnesses after we escape but I feel we shouldn’t kill him and maybe even study him, find out why the clones betrayed us and maybe make him our friend and ally.”

“I sensed regret, but also an instinct that couldn’t be stopped. Even if the instinct was gone he’d still be loyal to the republic”

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“You heard the Commander, the Republic is probably gone.” Ygdras said, “Besides, we may be able to convince him if we can change his mind.”

“I advise against it… they’re probably able to track him

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“We’ll have to get as much information as we can before deciding the clone’s fate.” Ygdras said.

“What information is there to get? It’s hardly different than a droid. It won’t talk”

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“Well, he may know something important, the trick’s finding it if he does.” Ygdras said. He was hiding something but he wanted to save talking about it for later, like after they were away from Illum.

“I don’t trust this mind trick to last much longer, the minute it stops it’ll stop at nothing to kill us,”

Ygdras gave him a look, “We can take shifts or even try all together to maintain it.” He said. “Right now, we need to get away from this planet without the Venator figuring something is fishy.”