Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

“I’ll keep an eye on the Clone.” Ygdras said.

In his mind he was torn between killing the Clone, forcibly taking what information they needed from his mind or trying to save him from whatever influence made him and his brothers to betray the Jedi.

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“You broke Kay’s focus and the Clone woke up.” Ygdras said, “He’s unconscious but we need to help Kay.”

He walks to Kay and brings out an onboard medical kit to help treat her wound.
After Ygdras finished treating the wound, Kay stood up. She glanced at Ygdras, watching over the clone, and Chimm, flying the ship.
Turning, she silently walked into a deeper part of the ship, where she found a dark corner and huddled down, trying to process everything that had happened.

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She would sense Ygdras was trying to keep his own grief in check. Specifically, a resurfacing grief for his people that were massacred on Dathomir by the Separatists brought back to the surface by this Purge of the Jedi by the clones. “Things are going to change a lot, we’ll need to adapt and remain in hiding until it’s safe.” He muttered to himself as he watched the clone for signs of him waking up. She would also sense the conflict in him of if he should kill the clone, try to save him or forcibly try to extract any information he can from his mind or some combination of them.

Kay sighed, her shoulders slumping.
Everything she had ever known had been shattered in less than a few days. Her friends, no… her family, were almost all dead, save for Ygdras and Chimm. How could the Jedi Council have let this happen?

After punching in the coordinates and setting the autopilot systems, Chimm walked back to the room where Ygdras and Kay were. He would ask Kay if he can sit by her

Ygdras watches the clone closely, “How long until we make the first jump?” Ygdras asks Chimm, not taking his eyes off the clone.

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“Ten minutes or so,”

Ygdras nods, still watching the clone like a hawk.

“Alright everyone strap in, we’re about to jump” Chimm announced buckling his own seatbelt

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Ygdras braces himself.

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“Kay, come buckle up” Chimm shouted urgently

Kay came running and slid into a chair, buckling up.
“Sorry, I got lost in thought.” She apologized quietly.

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The group would feel the jolt of entering hyperspace, and again as they exit, but not to their destination, as Chimm set the autopilot to hit a couple of decoy locations first

Ygdras never took his eyes off the clone through the entire journey.

Kay brought her knees up to the rest of her body, wrapping her arms around them and watching the space outside them.

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The ship jumped several more times before arriving in the dagobah system

Ygdras carefully relieved the clone of their helmet, weapons, comlink and began to apply binders around their hands and ankles. “Until we decide his fate, he is to remain alive but bound and under guard.” Ygdras said. “Chimm, I think you should be at the helm.” He keeps his eyes on the clone, ready to react if they stirred.

Chimm left the ship, sensing a faint light presence, clouded by the dark side, which soon went away. “Get flesh-bot, keep its cuffs on. I need its help to track master Yoda”

Ygdras tried to sense out Chimm’s emotions, worried he was drawing on hatred and dwelling on grief.

Kay followed Chimm out of the ship, resting one hand on her lightsaber.