Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

He would sense some resentment, but mostly just a different point of view seeing the clones as no different than droids made of flesh

“He is not a droid.” Ygdras muttered as he hefted the clone up and tried carrying him away from the ship.

“You heard the leader saying ‘good soldiers follow orders’ like it’s some code. They have some kind of robotic controllers or something I just know it. No different from a droid”

“Their tone…” Ygdras said, “It was like they were in a trance.”

He looks at the clone, “Maybe they were being mind controlled by something…or someone.” He said. “And if they do have some kind of controller, do you think it can be removed?”

“Wouldn’t you think having one of your attempted murderers on your team, with or without a controller, would be a little risky?”

“He wasn’t like that before today…right?” Ygdras asks.

Kay looked between the two.
“I might be able to try and see if there’s something wrong with him.” She said timidly.

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“We know there’s something wrong, we just don’t know if we can make it not wrong. I’d personally prefer to not try to befriend one of the things that tried to kill us”

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“Maybe Master Yoda can help with that.” Ygdras said, still carrying the clone.

“Are you saying you have nothing against it? You just want to let it be free after it indirectly killed three of our friends then directly tried to kill us?”

“He is a person, a living being!” Ygdras said, almost yelling, “Were we not taught that life is sacred? That taking a life is to be a last resort?”

“I know how you feel, I’ve felt it and am feeling it too but I am not going to take someone’s life unless I have no other alternative!” He shouted this time.

“He may have tried to kill us but I’m not sure if we have the whole story and until then, I will act to keep this one subdued but alive.” He told Chimm.

“Even if we can save it, I don’t want to be friends with something that tried to kill me” Chimm said trying to keep his cool. Soon, the group would hear a tussling from some plants nearby

Ygdras immediately tried to sense out the source of the sound.

Chimm would draw his saber, ready to ignite it in case the clones were searching for yoda too


“Show yourself!” Ygdras yelled.

Kay glanced around nervously, her knuckles whitening as she gripped her saber.

The figure emerged, it was master yoda holding his bow, as he was seemingly out hunting. “Children, found me, how have you?“

“We followed the Force, Master.” Ygdras said, calming down a ton as a prominent sense of relief as he almost lets go of the Clone then realizes it and re-secures his grip, not wanting to have him get to the Grandmaster.

Kay sighs in relief and puts away her saber.
She rubs her hands, the tense grip on her saber making them hurt a little.

“Come, younglings, to my hut we go” Yoda said leading them to the hut. The younglings would feel an uneasiness about him.

“Master Yoda, how long have you been here?”

“One rotation, I have seen”

The younglings had been in the cave for almost a whole day, and order 66 was long finished, but the clones’ inhibitors would still be programmed to kill Jedi on sight. With only a small field medpack and no access to the type of equipment shown in TCW to be able to remove it, the Jedi have to decide what to do