Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

“What about him?” Ygdras asked, referring to the clone he was lugging around.

“A tumor, they all have. Restricts them to the Sith Lord’s orders, it does,” Yoda explained. “Need advanced equipment to remove it, we would. Even with such things, fatality, likely is”

“Then what must be done?” Ygdras asked Master Yoda, dreading what he may hear.

Kay followed Yoda.

“We can’t do anything to help him?” She said, dismayed.

“Attempt with what we have, we may, but cause suffering, failure would,”

“I guess it’s worth the shot,” Chimm would say, “we can put a saber through his brain to end it quick if we fail”

“Let’s find a good place to do some brain surgery, then.” Ygdras said, keeping up with the group.

“I’ve trained as a medic, maybe I can help.” Kay said.

“We don’t have the equipment they have on kamino. A surgeon, no matter how skilled, is limited to their tools” Chimm explained

“Yeah, but most surgeons don’t have three padawans and a legendary Jedi Master to help.” Kay replied.
“I’m sure we can make some makeshift tools.”

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“We have a medpack meant for field operations,”

OOC: I’ll use disco bot to roll a d20 but the survival odds will be super low

“We’ll make do.” Ygdras said.

OOC: So, can this Medicine check be done with advantage (roll a d20 twice and take the higher result) using Kay’s modifier (Because she would have proficiency and a decent modifier because she is trained in that skill) because we are helping her? And if we go by DnD rules, matching or exceeding this DC (The value you put as the difficulty) results in a success.

OOC: Even with her training, this has only been shown to be performed from complex machinery, so
It will be a very low success chance

OOC: Still, with advantage, because we’re gonna be helping, we do have a shot at getting that coveted Natural 20…I actually have dice on hand if you need me to use them.

IC: Ygdras lugs the Clone with him, keeping his eyes on the human for signs of him waking.

OOC: basically I’ll just pick some random numbers and if it’s one of those it’s a success lol. Considering how nearly impossible this is it’ll only be like 4 numbers. And discobot has a dice feature

OOC: Why not give it a DC 17 on a raw d20 roll at advantage? It would have the same effect as what you’re intending due to the 17, 18, 19 and 20 faces being the ones needed to pull off a success; four faces out of 20 or a 20% probability of success.

IC: Ygdras stumbles a little bit on some of the roots around the area but manages to recover from it and keep his grip on the clone.

OOC: now that I think about it even that sounds a bit much… let’s do 18, 4, and 10

IC: “Kay, I’ll use the force to try to find it and guide you, but it’ll still be nearly impossible”


OOC: Equivalent to a DC 18…15% chance of success…can all of us roll once (3 rolls total if only the PCs and 4 rolls if Master Yoda helps) or is it just 1 collective roll or 2 collective rolls if at Advantage due to the others assisting?

IC: “All things are possible through The Force.” Ygdras said.

OOC: Just one. The fact that they’re trying instead of ending his misery is a wild shot in the dark

IC: “it’s embedded into the frontal area”

“We have to at least try.” Ygdras said, “Killing something is a last resort,” He mutters softly, “That’s the Jedi way.”

Every fiber of his being was conflicted, he wanted to kill the clone to end the threat but he was taught better.

OOC: 15% chance of success…85% chance of failure…I’m nervous.

“What else are we going to do? Sit here and keep him subdued?” Kay replied.
“It’s better to try and fail than to do nothing, right?”