Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

“Master yoda… we all felt the brightest light in the galaxy die out. Is master skywalker ok?”

“To the dark side, skywalker turned. Unsure whether he is alive, I am” master yoda would reply “Prepare for the chosen one, we no longer will for gone, the hope is”

“Then perhaps we can each carry a spark in hopes that one day the light shall rise again?” Ygdras said, making sure the ground where the clone was buried was as level as it was before he began digging.

“Hm… sacrifice more children for corrupt causes I will not.”
“Master yoda we can bring balance back”
“Balance, never again shall exist”

“With all due respect, I beg to differ, Master.” Ygdras said.

Kay frowned.
“I dunno. How are we gonna restore balance?”

Ygdras thought on this, meditating a little bit to try and figure out an answer.

“Train younglings, I no longer will… but teach to train yourselves, I may” yoda explained

OOC: this was kind of the spot I was planning to cut this one unless y’all have some more dialogue ideas


“Whatever guidance you can offer, we will be eternally grateful for.” Ygdras said.

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