Star Wars: Survival Over Illum (signups and discussion)

Star Wars: Survival Over Illum

BETRAYED! A group of Jedi younglings under the supervision Jedi master Miin Kadiro are attacked by their own clone allies. Master Kadiro was struck down covering the youngling’s escape from the command room. Attempting to make their way to the hangar, the younglings first have to find means of defense in order to escape the massive Venator class star destroyer…

Gameplay rules:
•No auto hitting or auto blocking/dodging
•Please keep your character’s behavior consistent to their personality
•Do not try to control characters besides your own. A GM will control all opposing NPCs.
•Please do not try to control the story. Story will be affected by individuals’ actions, in-game voting, etc., but be reasonable with stuff like this.

Character guidelines:
•You were going to Illum to get a lightsaber crystal, and therefore do not have a lightsaber. (No, you may not go to the command bridge to retrieve Miin’s)
•Your character may have differentiating skills in both the force and otherwise. One student may be training to be a Consular, therefore having more knowledge and control over the force. Another may be training to be a knight, having more combat skills and force abilities to go with this.

Character Bio
Name: Choose a name likely to fit your character’s species.
Gender: Some species are mostly one gender, and exceptions will be few.
Species: No non-force sensitive beings allowed. These are younglings, and therefore force sensitive characters. Also keep it reasonable.
Weapons/Tools: Lightsabers, as stated, Anything goes… Within reason.
Abilities/Capabilities: All padawan characters will have limited force abilities, but nothing major. Keep in mind species capabilities apply here as well.
Appearance: Obviously nothing outside the species’ limits.
Personality/Bio: Be reasonable


Sooo, is Red Sith an allowed species?

Is this legends, or cannon?

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Is Space Wraith allowed

How about Miraluka?

Did I spell that right?


The Sith species was extinct at this point.[quote=“Holi, post:3, topic:49414, full:true”]
Is this legends, or cannon?
Canon[quote=“Omega_Tahu, post:4, topic:49414”]
How about Miraluka?
Can you send a picture?

Dang it. Would’ve been fun to see what could happen.

(goes to find a list of canon species to pick from)

Miraluka are consistently blind and are force sensitive as an entire species. Several Jedi and Sith of Legends continuity were members of this species.

They’re pretty much people with no eyes, and instead of eyes they have natural force sight

also no response on my Space Wraith, big RIP



welp… can I be a Droid in service of the order instead of a youngling?

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Looks cool, I’ll sign up sometime.
Are Chiss allowed?

Hmm, due to the premise I won’t be able to play the character I originally wanted to, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. Though, having everyone playing a bunch of ten year olds will be interesting to say the least.


Oooh yeah them. Uuuh… I think I can allow that as long as they didn’t like go extinct before RoTS or something [quote=“Holi, post:9, topic:49414”]
welp… can I be a Droid in service of the order instead of a youngling?
Didn’t think about someone possibly requesting this. Seeing as on these Illum missions the droid usually has a leadership role, I think I’ll have to say no. We should give equal ground to all players and if anyone is to be a team leader it should be a GM[quote=“meepinater, post:10, topic:49414”]
Are Chiss allowed?
Due to their reclusiveness, I’m gonna have to deny this one[quote=“TheMOCingbird, post:11, topic:49414”]
Though, having everyone playing a bunch of ten year olds will be interesting to say the least.
Yeah that’s part of why I think this’ll work despite the restrictions. It’s different.

I might go with Cerean, or maybe Zabrak.

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what if I was a force sensitive droid?

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you ruined my school RPG dude! Now it won’t be new anymore/s

Name: Bid Ripley
Gender: Male
Species: Karkarodon
Weapons/Tools: blue cross guard lightsaber, DL44 blaster
Abilities/Capabilities: Swimming, minor force abilities, strength
Appearance: Child Karkarodon
Personality/Bio: Bid is a bit of a bully to the other kids, he is incredibly strong but very dim witted, causing him to be often outsmarted

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Forgot to edit it to only say tools. Weapons will be acquired as we progress

thats not canon

laughs in legends


Ok. Here we go.
Name: Kaduna, or Kay for short.
Species: Mirialan.
Gender: Female
Tools: med-kits and other various medical tools and the like, all stored in a backpack.
Appearance: short, even for a child. She has long, dark blue hair and large brown eyes. Her skin is a bright green, with two tatooed diamonds under each eye. She wears a dark brown cloak with a hood over her normal tunic.
Abilites: she is skilled with using the force to heal. Aside from that, she has the other standard skills.
Personality: A healer, Kay is often times quiet and focused. She is kind, and generous, and tries to make friends with new people. While still okay with a training lightsaber, she dislikes combat.

its not addressed in cannon either