Star Wars: Survival Over Illum (signups and discussion)

He’s not force sensitive is he?

the point is a droid on this mission would be assigned as a leader type character, so you can’t play as a droid

I believe he can feel the force but not use it

I think it’s more that the droid has tuned his ‘ears’ to the ‘song’ of Kyber crystals like Chiruit did; that’s how he knew Jyn(?) had one on her.

Both individuals aren’t Force Sensitive but know it through what I call the “Kyber Crystals’ Song”.

However, this is all speculation on my part and could very easily be incorrect depending on what Disney says is and isn’t canon.

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Ok cool. Thanks.

Anybody looking for a more open Star Wars RP that doesn’t restrict who you can play as as much, I plan to do another after this where you’ll play as bounty hunters, which would obviously be a lot more open

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Are there any canon species that are usually more sensitive or inclined to the Dark Side (generally act on emotions tied to that side of the Force)? I’m wanting to have a character that struggles with that and can, potentially, find a balance between the Light and Dark in their use of The Force.

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Not really that I know of, but you could do that with any species

Note: I’m not going to be super strict with canonicity, but if it’s something that’d greatly effect the game like being some species that’s stronger in the force than everyone else or something I won’t allow it. For example

EmperorDuckie didn’t mention this in the main post, but I’m going to be Co-GMing this game, so if something goes wrong you know who to blame.


Name: Bid Ripley
Gender: Male
Species: Karkarodon
Tools: a photo of a girl he liked that was unable to care for due to the order’s strict rules, basic cutlery, his backpack, a water bottle, simple food, a map, a kyber crystal he stole, a simple force abilities book
Abilities/Capabilities: Swimming, minor force abilities, strength
Appearance: Child Karkarodon
Personality/Bio: Bid is a bit of a bully to the other kids, he is incredibly strong but very dim witted, causing him to be often outsmarted, he’s not very good at using the force and he dislikes the orders rules

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wait, why did you post this sign up twice?


I am planning to join this.
Don’t know how soon, but it is on my to-do list.


Because you didn’t accept him so I edited the tools and

Next time just edit the original signup instead of posting it twice.


To be honest it was a few posts back…
Sorry ‘bout that

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Could I be a Gen’Dai?

Nope, sorry

How about shi’ido?

Is my character accepted?

@meepinater yes
@Holi only canon please. You can be a klaundike tho

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How about gree, I’m pretty sure they’re still canon

What are they again