Star Wars: Survival Over Illum (signups and discussion)


So uh yeah. We can start whenever

Eyy, I’m game for continuing, @meepinater, you still in?



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Sure, I’m all for it


Decided to make how I’d imagine an adult Chimm (assuming he makes it that long lol) using templates by smacksart and outerrimartworks on Instagram


I was looking back through old character bios and I didn’t realize how much older Han was than everyone else.


Oh yeah I forgot about that

also we’re apparently ignoring the whole discussion about my at the time gf delaying all this and how that led into me “flexing on you virgins”

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Here’s how I imagined the squad trying to brutally murder our innocent child characters



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And each of our characters, what sort of fate do you think they’ll have if any of them survive?

We’d probably steal the clones’ ship and try to find other survivors.

Here’s a little sketch I did of Kaiden. He’s got a bit of a bobble head, and his torso and legs look kinda small, and there’s lots of random force lines everywhere, but in the end, I’m pretty happy with it.


Heres another sketch I did, this time of Ygdras. He doesn’t actually fit the description of his appearance, but I wasn’t around my computer when I drew it, sou I couldn’t check. Either way, I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. and yes, I know this is a double post, but since its more of an update thing I think its ok


oooh, that looks good!

Now I have to draw Kay.


Seeing as Vladin is banned, should we just put this rp on hiatus, till if/when he returns?

Considering that this is likely a permanent ban, it may be wise to have someone take over, temporarily in some way.

Woah I missed something why was he banned

I honestly don’t know. But what I do know is that this is likely a perm ban as Eljay said that Vladin was already given his “final warning”.

Dang that sucks