Star Wars: Survival Over Illum (signups and discussion)

I mean, I’d love for it not to be, and would be up for a revive especially with stuff like The Mandalorian and Fallen Order coming out.

Same here, the main issue, I think, is Vladin’s other character still needs to build their lightsaber and complete the trial.

Yeah, though if I remember he was waiting on @EmperorDuckie

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yeah, he and @Toa_Vladin are the ones we’re waiting on.

Sorry guys I’ve been busy. I’ll try to revive it soon


No worries; we all get busy with stuff.

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Just out of curiosity, what do @Toa_Vladin and @meepinater think of a revive?

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Of this?


@Toa_Vladin, @EmperorDuckie?

I really don’t know. I really really don’t know.
On one side, I really want to try to actively be part of more games, especially since in the last few months to even a year the entire site got a little more quiet, at least from my perspective, but on the other, I don’t know if this is the write game to invest time in.
I don’t want to point fingers to anybody. I just don’t think that its rather poor level of activity and activity gaps would make it worth the time.


I guess, but the cat that it moves slowly kinda would make it easier and less high pressure.

I’ll wait a little longer, and then I’ll see.

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Hey guys sorry for letting this go inactive but do y’all want to continue?


No worries. I’d be cool with it.

You know what?
OK, sure.

Sweet. Currently Han is the only one alive. He’d probably be finished with his lightsaber by now :joy:

…wait what?

Yee. Remember the clones busted in and killed us all?

…I remember we were fighting them, but that was it…

Ok well it’s actually just Han’s vision, the plan was to get a real reaction but at this point he’d probably realize it’s fake