Star Wars The Bad Batch

First episode is out with more on the way. Have you watched it? Will you watch it? Did you like it? Post your thoughts here.

Obviously there’s going to be spoilers ahead, so be cautioned.

Personally, I think it was alright. I’m still trying to warm up to the bad batch right now, so enjoyment is being cut. I’m glad we were able to see order 66 from this angle, and the one presented in The Clone Wars final season.

Best part hands down was the extra two seconds of screen time we got of General Grievous’ new model. I legitimately hyperventilated when I saw it.


Where can I watch it? Is it Disney plus again?

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First episode was pretty good IMO.

I’ll have to check if I canceled Disney + yet. Semi off topic but it’s just a very cancelable service with how slow they are on stream exclusives; you get maybe a few days worth of stuff to watch then cancel again until the next series you’ll spend a few days on then just keep repeating that process.

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assuming you have the time to binge like that lol

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(Spoilers for TBB Episode 3)

I’m worried about Wrecker, Filoni wouldn’t put a lot of emphasis on his head injury unless it would be for driving the plot. I hope my boi will be safe.


yeah, I’m worried it’s his inhibitor chip kicking in


@Kraata @Winger

Yep, it’s been compared to when Tup’s malfunctioned in season six. I’m wondering how many of the bad batch members will fall prey to the chips over the course of the series.

Also, Crosshair is cool


He is, also I find it kind of funny that the rest of his new squad-mates didn’t report anything about Crosshair killing one of them off.

Also you might want to put the spoiler blur on your text, just incase.

I hope so.

This gives us more time to see the team to work together as a group. A whole group. if he is cured only in the finale then we will not see the whole group working together. Also we would care more that he is back when we see other characters spending time with cured crosshair.

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This does make some sense given the Bad Batch was spotted by the end of the last episode. My issue is why they stick around that long. I could see them encountering the weird scrap people and having to fight them which would keep them there long enough for Crosshair to arrive. They could also discover that Crosshair is on the way by infiltrating a scrapper base or something.

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Cad Bane is back! My prayers have been answered! :partying_face:

:cowboy_hat_face: :ok_hand:

But ouch for Crosshair.


I don’t want to say anything until I know which episode you’re on.

Only read if you’re completely caught up.

My guys. When the heck is the Boba Fett Cad Bane showdown gonna happen?


A popular theory is that it already has happened, judging by the dent/scar on Bane’s headwear.

Also I caught up on the latest episode already and I’m trying to wrap my head around why Kaminoans were trying to clone more, well Kaminoans.

I refuse.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing a flashback episode for the duel.

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@Kraata I think it has to do more with Snoke and Palpatine than kaminoans. Snoke was quite large, so the size of those clones makes sense.

@Winger At first I didn’t believe it either, but judging from how they showed you Cad Bane’s head plate, I think the duel has happened.


Kaminoans reproduce through cloning. When seas began to rise kaminoans turned towards cloning and genetics manipulation in order to survive.