Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) Discussion Topic

Any other Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans on here?

If so, feel free to discuss all things TCW here! Favorite episodes, favorite characters, thoughts about Disney's premature cancellation of the show, even any AMVs you made/found and want to share. Enjoy!


Much disappoint in the Mon Calamari arc not having Ackbar declaring that it was a trap.

No, not really. Honestly, that impressed me, since that'd be kinda...of low standards.

But uh, yeah, the series is pretty epic. I think the Ryloth arc was one of my favs.


I really wasn't that impressed with the Mon Cala arc when it first aired. I'll probably rewatch it in the next few days though.

Here's a beautiful AMV that highlights one the best (and most tragic) plotline in the entire series: Domino Squad.


Domino squad were like...the best characters.

Of them, Echo was my favorite. But Fives did have the most development.

Also, by being impressed, I meant by how they didn't do the IT'S A TRAP! Reference. It made me feel like the series had at least some class.


So are you for or against overt references?

Well, like, not in general, but just...that one in was too obvious. Like, "Oh of course he'd say that."

I mean other characters in the series had said "It's a trap!" but to have Ackbar himself say it...too far.

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If you think that was "too far", you should try some of the clips from the upcoming Rebels series...

Clone Wars = Bionicle
Rebels = Hero Factory



I haven't watched all of the animated Clone Wars series, but from what I DID see- It was pretty freakin' cool.
Notta fan of Ahsoka too much, but for an animated series based on the second trilogy, they did a smashing good job.


HF wasn't able to improve, nor was it better than it's predecessor. Rebels will do both.
Here's why: .

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Gregor was pretty cool, but they had too much Jedi when more clones were needed. Season 6 got disappointing after Fives' arc. I loved Fives though...


I really liked the Banking Clan/Rush Clovis arc (technically produced as part of Season 5). Thorne's death really hit home.


Yeah, poor Thorne. Gregor was pretty sad though. And someone made this montage that was sadder.

I never really thought so, mainly because Dave Filoni said that Gregor probably wasn't dead and would come back. I really wish we could have seen Season 7 and 8 sometimes...


I love the clone wars especially the last 3 seasons. it got dark gritty and gruesome with the introduction of darth maul and savage oppress. i loved the scene where one of them decapitated all but one of the black sun clan I recommend this show to anyone who can get through the first two seasons (which are super childish) because season 3-6 is rewarding enough! smile


I'll have to disagree with you there. In seasons 1-2 we saw Ventress decapitate a clone trooper, Cad Bane ruthlessly execute several senate guards, clones getting sucked out into the vacuum of space, Geonisian brain worms and countless characters getting shot or blow up. The first 2 seasons may not have had the most complex plots or animation, but they weren't "childish".


Right here:

They definitely tried to change too much in the already set expanded universe. But overall it was great. Very nostalgic for me. Favorite arc was and always will be the Ryloth arc. It's awesome.