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You’re not wrong

But keep in mind the actors in the original trilogy were constantly butting heads with George’s decisions with the script and story, always fighting with him to remove or add things to every scene (especially Carrie Fisher)

With the prequels, nobody did anything, they just wanted to get paid


With Disney+ and how Disney have been going lately, they will probably be the only streaming service in a few years

We’re definitely getting Disney+. My parents cancelled Netflix for putting stuff in shows no one that uses the account is remotely interested in. So yeah consider me on the Mando hype train


Don’t forget that George Lucas was the director of all three prequels, so in addition to heading up the story and the script, he was the one putting everything together. Therefore, his interpretation of when actors did their lines best was what got into the film. I’ve even read that he took portions of dialogue from different cuts and edited them together because he liked the way one sentence was said better in one cut, but the way the following sentence was said better in a different cut. That’s why the dialogue seems rather disjointed and offbeat at times, because certain lines would be from entirely different cuts.

(To see an example of this kind of thing actually being done, skip to about 45:00 in this video


I wouldn’t say that, exactly. I think it was more of new actors not wanting to disappoint or butt heads with an accomplished filmmaker like George Lucas. Since nobody really knew about him oh so long ago, people like Ford and Fisher didn’t have problems with asking for revisions. Flash forward and you’ve got fairly new actors like Portman and Christiansen who just want to be in Star Wars and do the best they can.


he infamously surrounded himself with yes men while making directoral decisions
it’s no surprise that the best films in the series are the ones that he was involved with, yet didn’t direct

Wait, he wasn’t involved with tlj

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How can people say Anakin complaining about sand is better than Rey sobbing to death because her parents are absolutely nothing?

I don’t think anyone would go that far. Its just that its a meme.

It’s a meme because it’s trash though

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I actually heard that he was challenged on at least a few accounts. For one, I heard he didn’t want the Yoda saber throw in RoS.

Honestly, the memes only made me love the movies more

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I was referring to the original trilogy, but the Disney stuff (sans anthology stuff) do count.

Sorry to have replied to a random comment but scrolling on mobile isn’t fun :stuck_out_tongue:

How is it that clones, without scopes on their weapons, shoot better than superiorly equipped stormtroopers

A. They’re trained from birth
B. They don’t have to worry about plot armor


Watch this and say they suck

Clones can shoot better because they can see through their helmets.
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Rex actually makes a comment about this in Rebels when he is disguised as a Stormtrooper.

And because parents would let their children watch the good guys kill a ton of evil robots than evil guys kill a bunch of good guys with faces shown.

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Well… I have never thought this will ever happen:

What are your thoughts on this matter? Is Star Wars dying for the next generation?

Eh, as Star Wars is fading out of prominence, so does its community and number of fans. Marvel is the “big thing,” now.

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Absolutely not.

You can’t chock up mediocre theme park attendance to “Oh my gosh, the franchise is dying!”. Theme parks, unlike movies, are things that you don’t necessarily want to go to as soon as possible the moment they’re open. LucasFilm and Disney announced three attractions/rides for Galaxy’s Edge, only one of which is currently open at only one location. Only one attraction means there’s less to do, which means longer lines, which means less fun. Once the other attractions get up and running in the coming months at more locations, I’m sure traction to the park(s) will pick up.

Also, theme parks are expensive, and Disney raised their prices right when Galaxy’s Edge opened, which means there’s even less incentive to go. If anything, this signals that theme parks may be falling out of favor rather than Star Wars. On top of this, you can’t say kids aren’t interested in the franchise anymore because they’re not going to the park. They don’t dictate when they go to the park, their parents do. If they’re parents want to save their money and go when there’s more to do, then I think they’re being smart. Get as much bang for your buck as possible.

And on the topic of toy sales, that’s more a discussion about how traditional toys aren’t as big with the 7-10 crowd as they used to be and not so much the franchise they’re associated with (and even then, I haven’t been too impressed with Hasbro’s offerings the last few years outside of The Black Series, but then again I’ve never really been into the traditional action figure much).

Honestly, you can hardly call this an “article”. It’s essentially clickbait that says “So this is a thing because reasons” and doesn’t do a proper job of backing up its claims. Most articles on Star Wars nowadays are like this, because people know they’ll generate clicks, and it obviously works, which is another reason why I’d argue that it is not dying out anytime soon.