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If it dies it’ll not be because of a new generation lacking interest, but the fanbase being so rabid towards itself that no one wants to participate. I used to love stars wars, and was deep into the fanbase, but I left because of the reaction to the last Jedi was so extreme, and I don’t want to be associated with those kind of people.


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I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. You really hit the proverbial nail on the head my friend. Were you at Brickfair? Cuz I feel like I would have loved to chat with you :stuck_out_tongue: .

Sadly, no.

I’m hoping for next year, however. Won’t have school looming over my head anymore once this year is done and over with.

Ironically, Disney and online articles are creating the so called “Star Wars fatigue” by making stupid assumptions about the public and their interests. The public still loves Star Wars, it’s been engraved in U.S. culture let alone world culture for close to 50 years. However, general opinions can be swayed by little to no research and being told what to think. Solo didn’t do well because of the very public BTS issues, and little to no marketing before it came out. And then normies think reception to TLJ is what caused the film to underperfom because of articles like above that merely hypothesize and ponder rather than present actual fact.

Headline: "The Last Jedi Killed Solo Box Office?"

Public: “Well, I guess Star Wars is dead now.”

Fans/Intellectuals: "Oh look, a single film didn’t do well for a variety of reasons. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to wait for the myriad of other Star Wars content that’s coming out for my next fix.

Clone Wars Season 7 is announced, The Mandalorian is announced, Resistance Season 2 is announced, Cassian Andor/K-2SO show is announced, a plethora of other novels are announced, more Star Wars movies are confirmed to be coming but just not as frequently, Jedi: Fallen Order is coming out soon…

Theme park doesn’t do well because it’s not operating at 100% quite yet

Public: (thinking back to that one article headline they read in June 2018 and sees one negative thing in a sea of positive) “Star Wars is dead now.”

TL;DR- the public is stupid, has a skewed yet long memory, and websites perpetuate the cycle by not providing enough information in their articles, being borderline slanderous IMO


That’s pretty much it.
I like to think that I’m a fan/intellectual.
So I know that Star Wars is far from dead.
It’s still got a lot of life in it.
I just feel like it’s…

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What causes you to think it’s subdued? When I look at video like this, it seems like the Star Wars fandom is anything but subdued:

Awesome! A bunch of former Boards members and I have been making all sorts of cool MOC collab plans for next year. Let me know if you’re interested.

Absolutely 100% agree with you. I’m gonna start writing blogging/video essays this fall and I’m going to be very careful with what sources I use.

We’ve talked a lot about crappy Star Wars fan media. But what about the good stuff? What’s some of your guys’ favorite fan content coming out right now?

Here are some of mine:

EC Henry is a fantastic digital model-maker who recently collabed with EckhartsLadder on this awesome project:

He also does great little videos like this:

Spugesdu/Gareth Pugh (of Squad 42 fame back in the day) is currently working on a follow-up to his recent breath-taking CGI-stop-motion Order 66 film.




Spacedock does super high-production-value starship overviews that remind me of all the hours I spent pouring over Visual Dictionaries and Incredible Cross-Section books as a child:

Cinematic Captures does beautifully high-quality Star Wars Machinimas and other fun content mostly using the new Battlefront games

But the Prequels are amazing


I wasn’t talking about the fandom as a whole.
I was mostly talking about the stuff Disney’s churning out, at least so far.

No, no, the fandom is wholesome and honestly probably at the height of its…

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My sweet child, I admire your innocence.

Whatever you do, never venture into the big Star Wars YouTubers’ comment sections…


Never watch anything about the last Jedi on YouTube, and if you can’t help it whatever you do do not go into the comments


I mean, there’s also this one. Not a personal favorite per se I’ve never really engaged much with Star Wars fan content, tbh, but it’s still amazing and worth sharing around.

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There’s a definite factor of people beleiving what they want to beleive. Some people who dislike the ST want Star Wars to fail for some stupid reason.

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New poster for the Rise of Skywalker.


Looks phenomenal. Rey and Kylo must cooperate to to keep the debris balanced or they’ll both plummet to their deaths. Love the symbolism!

Ok, I suddenly have more faith in this movie… This is easily one of the best Star Wars posters ever.

Palpatine looks animated.

I mean, the entire poster is clearly illustrated, so…

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To be honest, I didn’t even really notice that. I first saw it on a phone, so it was hard to see.

I do think this would have looked a lot better in live action, though.

“Yes” -Ewan McGregor making my day

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I do believe it is painted over, but Palpatine also looks off because his face is the Hot Toys mold of the Emperor. See this image:


Considering that Hot Toys is more accurate than pretty much every other toyline, I don’t think it looks weird.

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