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Remembers how much loves Frodo
Yeah, I’m sorry. I was wrong.

I was non-stop screaming when I broke the bones in my arm. Imagine what one with a detached arm would do.


King Arthur? Hercules? Mythological or legendary heroes are the main kind at the top of my head since the hero’s journey is an archetypal story(granted I’m just thinking off the top of my head, some characters have variations on the journey)

Luke’s version in the OT is rather good all things considered


Eh, I get that, but not everyone reacts to pain the same way. Speaking personally, silently hating your life is pretty much when I do when I get hurt, so having Anakin and Luke react similarly doesn’t seem too off.

I read Hercules’ legends multiple times, and he never had a lowpoint, or other points characteristic to his type of arc.

I don’t know anything about medicine or anatomy, but you might be able to chalk their quick “recovery” up to the nature of lightsabers, which essentially create and cauterize a wound simultaneously. Maybe the heat fries the nerve endings, meaning it’s not as painful as a straight amputation…



I should probably not compare a demigod boi to a farm boi with mystical powers and a laser sword


I loved it.

Which is not the point of an opinion.

While I find Luke either annoying or uninteresting to watch, I still do like the character. I love the Prequels to death, but I’d be an idiot to argue Anakin over Luke. And, as I’ve also said, I kind of just have unreasonable issues with main protagonists in general, and it’s usually the main ones, too, the iconic characters. Luke, Harry Potter, Frodo, Mike Wheeler, I really just have a taste for the side characters.

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i take it murdering your family due to induced madness and forced to serve your cousin isn’t a low point?

Even tho I don’t really remember this happening before starting his tasks, the murder of this family doesn’t seem to affect him for more than a page.

At least we won’t have to have a CGI Palptine like we did with Tarkin.

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To be honest, I didn’t even realize Tarkin was CGI until someone told me he was, and now I can’t tell if I hate it or am impressed by it.

Nonetheless, Rogue One remains to be my favorite Star Wars movie.

Agreed. i don’t get why people hate it.

People say “but they died!” but we knew that was going to happen! It said they died in ANH.

I think it might be under the same logic that some people have when watching the Clone Wars show. They find it hard to be invested in what might happen to Anakin or Obi-Wan when one knows where their journey will actually end, thus the story can start to feel more pointless to them.

Am I the only one who was disappointed when they found out Lor San Tekka Wasn’t Ferus Olin?

I know who Lor is. Who’s the other dude?
And why didn’t they go into more detail with him, i feel like there’s a huge gap missing there.

There’re huge gaps everywhere in TFA

He’s a character from Jude Watson’s series of books, that got thrown out with the rest.

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Tbh, I am not crazy bout this choice.

Wasn’t Disney complaining that Feige had too much to do during the Spider-Man debacle?