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Anybody else here keeping up with the new Canon novels? Here’s my tier list:


Unfortunately no. Ever since Jude Watson’s novels were decannonized none of the other books ever appealed to me.

Ah, the young reader prequel books. Had a few of those in my local library growing up, never got around to reading them. I really loved Kevin J Anderson’s Young Jedi Knights books though. What was it that you liked about the Watson books?

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The connectivity between the different series, and the character growth. In the series about Anakin, Jedi Apprentice, there was a character named Ferus Olin. He later got his own series, who’s name escapes me. It also featured other characters from the Jedi Apperentice as well. And in her series about Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn, several characters that Obi makes friends with in that, appear in Jedi Apprentice. Also the villains were top-notch. Granta Omega; number 4 on my list of top 10 villains, (after Teridax, TSO, and Quern Levana) He was charismatic, cold-blooded, and the master manipulator, and his goal was to get as close to the dark side as he could, without being sensitive. He was also connected to a villain in the Obi/Qui-gon series, Qui-gon’s first apprentice. There was also a special one-off, that went through the years of Dooku training Qui-Gon, Qui-gon training Obi, and Obi training Annie. She was a very good writer. On par with GregF for me.

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I really like the Aftermath series (I guess I’ve only read the first one), as well as Catalyst. I actually haven’t read any others, looking back…

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Haven’t kept up with much of anything outside of the movies.
Also, why the dislike for Lords? Had one of the most spectacular fight sequences in all of Star Wars in there and officially canonized same sex relationships.

I just looked up the summary, turns out this wasn’t the book I was remembering. I forgot it centred around Cham Syndulla. I definitely need to reread it :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember reading those, but it’s been a long while. I should see if I still have them.

Something I’ve been curious to hear other people’s thoughts on, what is everyone’s favorite Star Wars eras? My naming isn’t the best for all of them.

  • Old Republic (up to AotC)
  • The Clone Wars (AotC-RotS)
  • (RotS - Rogue One)
  • Galactic Civil War (ANH - RotJ)
  • (RotJ - TFA)
  • Sequel era (TFA - RoS)

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I like the old republic because of the intergalactic war, on a scale even the clone wars couldn’t reach, and I like the in between era, because of both the Rouge One movie, and the now defunct Jude Watson books set in that period, which is some of her best writing.

I would like to add Legacy era, but that’s specifically for the Legends continuity. That post-Vong era was what I jumped into first (somehow), and it’s always been interesting and dear to me. Of course, the parts of the Old Republic era that I’m familiar with and enjoy, as covered in SWTOR and KOTOR, probably aren’t canon anymore either, leaving the Clone War era as my favorite part of current Star Wars canon.

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it’s canon by association.

Certain factors, such as Revan, Malachor, and the Old Republic have been re-introduced through the TV shows, (Rebels in particular) so it’s slowly being added back. This probably just allows them to tie up the loose ends, and I have a feeling hat they will eventually bring most of the big factors back in.

I like the Clone wars a lot.
The show went incredibly in depth with it, and to be honest, the wars went on a lot longer than the movies portrayed. There’s so much stuff packed in there and it’s so fun to study it.
The Old Republic’s really cool too, because not too much has been developed about it so there’s still some mystery in some places.

There’s a lot more that has been revealed than you would think, (there’s a definitive guide book that was released a few years ago), though a majority of it got nuked with everything else interesting about SW.

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“Nuked” is a pretty hyperbolic and potentially inflammatory term. I think “split off into seperate timelines” would be a better way of phrasing it. Lucasfilm’s publishing division continued publishing popular old EU novels with the “Legends” branding.

In addition, I would argue that the “EU decanonization” predates the Disney acquisition by several years. As soon as Dave Filoni’s The Clone Wars decided to tell its own stories instead of attempting to tie into previously established Clone Wars multimedia project (2002-2007) content, they were effectively creating an alternate timeline of events (though Lucasfilm really did not communicate that fact well back in 2008).

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Is it? sorry.

Also, I didn’t know they had a “legends” branding. I just thought it was simply assumed it never happened.

I knew that, but a good majority of did get removed by Disney. I mean, I’m pretty sure the CGI CW tv show, contradicts the 2d animated CW show. (though I can’t say much, seeing as I’ve seen neither)

Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Again, that’s hyperbole. “Disney” the corporation didn’t reach into Lucasfilm and forcibly stop all the EU content from being printed. When George Lucas sold to Disney, there was likely a fair bit of corporate reorganization and reshuffling.

The Walt Disney company, wanting to start earning back their 4 billion dollar acquisition investment, likely got Lucasfilm’s creative teams to start work on new live-action films (the big moneymakers) as soon as possible. I still need to do more research to nail down exactly when the story group was formed and under what circumstances. In any case, I would argue that the writing was on the wall in regards to the Legends rebranding. If Disney hadn’t bought Lucasfilm and George had went ahead with his new Star Wars sequel trilogy, the wider expanded universe would still have likely been declared Legends.

Fair enough. Point conceded.

Also, as a player of SWTOR, this is very neat to me.

The first time this started to become obvious was when Mandalore was changed from a forested world filled with warriors to a completely obliterated dead world with bio domes in which pacifist Mandalorians lived. Following this, Quinlan Vos became a surfer bro as opposed to the emo guy that had been in the Dark Horse comics, Evan Piell was killed off earlier than when we thought, etc.

Disney officially pulling the plug on the EU in 2014 wasn’t much of a surprise to those that had been paying close attention. Still hurt all the same, though.

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To be fair, for every cool thing from the eu there’s something incredibly dumb. Plus it was incredibly restrictive towards future media.