Starkiller: The Eternal Night V3

Another alternate version of starkiller my self moc (link to the main versions post here)

unlike my previous Alt. Versions, the eternal night hails from the far off future of the bionicle universe, where a corrupt light empire aims to enslave and convert all other elements.

"the planet, nay, the universe you know is but one. one of many. beyond this world, this world of apocalypse and shadowfall, there lie many, many more. each different. but, among them, some things never change…

But then there is you. ‘The Eternal NIght’. the one who lived. the one who survived it all. the man who fought the monsters and won. the Man Who championed tragedy upon tragedy and came out the other end the same.

the man who lost it all. the man who watched every friend he had ever known leave him, one by one. the one who watched them grow old. the one who watched them have children, and families. the one who watched them die, and then their children do the exact same thing.

the one who has burned in heaven and hell respectively. the one rejected by both. the one who came back to earth a martyr. the one who was forgotten.

some would envy your long life. envy how you have lived for what seems like forever, and gotten to see some of the best and worst moments of history. these people do not consider the way it hurts you. me and you, though. we know. both of us are the last of our kind. I am the last Turaga of time, forced to watch over rocks for eternity. and you. you are the last of the monsters. the last beast of the night left to be slain.

But I am left to wonder…

what is it to have experienced all this pain, when soon it will be wiped away" The turaga of time, on the subject of eternity

“Its character building.” The eternal Night, In responce.

and thats it. hope you all liked him. for those interested in what V1 and V2 looked like, bellow is a little comparison picture I made.

again, Hope you all enjoyed,



Oh boy this is cool. I like every thing about this especially the limbs great job

Ohey it’s that guy from The Force Unleashe-


The base from The Force Awaken-


Better, but I think the head really needs some work. It just looks off.

Still dont like the head at all, but I know you like it so Im not going to talk about it more

Other than that its pretty cool

I think overall the design of the MOC is nice, except the head but it’s not something worth changing. And I really do love the work on the forearms. That said, is there any chance to get a few pictures of the rifle on it’s own?