Station of Names (RP Topic)

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A soft series of taps rings through the stoney, cement platform as a figure impatiently keeps himself occupied, waiting for the group to awake.

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Project: Runa wakes up, and looks around from the ground. He sighs. “Run diagnostics.” He mutters as he gets up and looks at the figure. “And you are…?”

Spider-Ehlek awakens, leaping several feet into the air, and landing, ready to attack. “Hold up, where am I?” he asks, clicking his pincers.

No.7 wakes up and looks around,
“This isn’t the facility…”
He stands up and stretches.

Pawn wakes up I suppose. If she was prone while sleeping she stands up.

Ghartix wakes up, then looks around.

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Project: Runa turns to him. “Little jumpy there, I see…whatever you are.” He says.

The diagnostic check Project: Runa ran shows him the results on his mask UI.

“Hm.” He says. Strange. Everything else is fine…
He looks around. “And everyone else has awoken, I see.”

The figure sits on the gate watching them I shouldn’t get too impatient. I sat here waiting for them to wake up from naps. Letting them interact isn’t too much time

Thiura wakes up yawning and stretching her arms a bit. She looks around the area and she notices that she’s no longer in Bernard’s room, “Hmm… strange how’d I end up here? This is defiantly not we’re I’m supposed to be.” She comments.

“Good question.” Project: Runa said to her. “But I have a feelin’ none of us has the answer.” He looks around and sees the figure on the gate. “Well, he might.”

“‘Sup!” Ehlek greets to everyone,

No.7 looks at the other beings around him. He stays silent.

“Whom might you be?” She asks walking up to project Runa, “I’m Thiura btw nice to meet you!” She introduces herself.

He thinks for a moment. “Runa.” He finally responds.

“Runa eyy, Reminds me of an old norse name.” She says trying to recall if that fact actually was true “Anyways, what are you exactly?” She asks curiously.

“It is. That’s where I got the name for the Project, since it means ‘mighty strength’ loosely translated. And for the question, I’m…human. Mostly.”

“Oh… okay, so how come we’re about the same size, strange?” She says not very confused in fact the whole situation was wierd.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve not seen another one of your kind, so I didn’t even know we weren’t supposed to be.”

“No need to worry I’m just a bit too used of being 17-20 cm tall and made of plastic.” She says happily before reaching for her shoulder pad she knocked on it, the shoulder pad gave away a metal sound. “Guess I’m no longer made of plastic.” She thinks out loud

Runa inspects the metal plating, the wolf head looking thing on his right forearm analyzing it and comparing to the metals in his database, trying to figure out what type of metal it was. “Used to be plastic?” Runa says as this happens. “How were you sentient as a plastic toy? Are you even sentient?”