Steven Universe!
this along with like, 5 other shorts were released today, they’re so cute

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so… the main page I watched steven universe on is gone…

where can I see the entire episodes now?

kisscartoon is a good place, it uploads the new eps really quick

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there’s also dailymotion, however sometimes people get their hands on the episode early so be warned about that

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Some people on there also tend to mislabel the episodes, be careful of that as well.

so, in that future boy zoltron episode, someone pointed this out

the fortune telling robot said “Your lucky numbers are: 16 47 N W”. and they out of curiosity plugged it into google maps

and realized, that there is something there, here’s why

crewniverse, you sneaky folks you

just some food for thought, I wonder what’s there

also new eps are back on the 17th with the 22 minute ep Gem Harvest


Here’s a cool thing I found.

That’s pretty much it. You’re gonna have to click on it to see the full image.


the new episodes comes out tomorrow doesn’t it?


Today. But I use Kisscartoon, so it’ll be tomorrow for me.

comes out today for me

EDIT: was a good episode, I love this bit


I popped into this topic to get it off my unread.
I saw your post and thought(i do not watch steven universe) i should point out that those marks on that some of the marks on that map and the google maps location are either near or inside the Bermuda triangle but yeah i dont watch the show just something i noticed while scrolling down and thought i should point it out

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oh snap

's a great show, I do recommend it

alright so this is the first time I’ve listened to the new ending theme since love like you was finished

it’s actually very unsettling, kinda reminiscent of the diamonds them, bad guys are on the horizon

also I feel like (and kinda hope) Lapis gets some sort of large character arc soon, she’s gotten a buncha development yeah, but amethyst, Garnet, Pearl and Peridot have gotten some big arcs and I feel, it’s only logical that she’s next


Anyone knows when the next episode is coming?

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this thursday

they didn’t air a new one this week because it was thanksgiving I think and they already aired their thanksgiving special


Alright. So this is a thing I found. Its pretty cool.

Also, when I search steven universe bionicle in google images, this is the 1st thing that comes up.


well, it’s not wrong lol, that technically is fusion, just the bionicle way

same goes for Gestalts in transformers

also nidhikidot is cool


Ha! :laughing:
What about Peridiki?


just saw 3 gems and a baby

man, that song was really feelsy, at least to me

The Monster Reunion episode threw me for a loop
Several loops, actually