Steven Universe!

How one can change their point of view works on a case by case basis. Jasper and Lapis aren’t the same as Bismuth in personality. Nor are their circumstances the same. Steven certainly tried his best, but he’s wasn’t capable of putting forward a realistic argument for his view that Bismuth could realistically accept in the allowed time frame.

The is an SU discussion topic. Spoilers are a given.


Sadly for your profile pic, Smoky Quartz looks terrible in the show, no offense to you.

And @Sonus I already saw the episode, but please still put the spoilers on for those who haven’t.

I can only reiterate. People who are behind should not be looking at discussion topics about the show.

I guess, but it is more convienient. What if I was looking at this, and someone who hasn’t caught up yet came over and saw the spoilers, not knowing what awaited them?

Lol that sounds so mysterious :wink:

Then you need to play more chess because apparently you don’t think very far ahead.

I hate chess, yet everyone tells me I am the type that should love it. Strategic, analytical, forward-thinking… Me. (That’s what people say, not me being conceited)

But really, that was “ahead thinking.” I’m confused by your statement.

And can we not argue? Thinking ahead, the mods will close it if this lame argument continues. (Lame for both of us)

I was referring to your hypothetical person. I’ll just finish and say that it’s ridiculous for someone to expect not to find spoilers on a discussion page about any form of media.

True, but almost everyone else here uses the spoiler feature. I don’t know how, though, as I’m new and on mobile.


Want to know what the summer of Steven has taught me? Jasper is a scrub when it comes to fushion.

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i just started watching this show

it’s pretty gud, i like it

but i should probably stay away from this topic

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Steven Universe and their ways of expressing lesbianism, problematic relationships, love…

So the newest episode was definitely something, huh? Was very moving, and spoke to me on a personal level in fact. Also, the song was great.

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first thing;
I really liked this chapter, the song and everything

second thing;

I love how stevonnie looks with these clothes

third thing;

straight outta Super Mario


Okay, I think I finally caught up.

I have to say, I hope Jasper comes back, I actually feel pretty bad for her now

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I was wondering when steven would have a breaking point, poor guy

last episode, was awesome, don’t know exactly what to say about it but that

I want pearl to be that girl’s girlfriend

Kinda losing interest in the show here.

I have a feeling this is the cool down before the action starts ramping up again, but I don’t have that much high hopes judging from how nearly all the new plot points and threads from the past season have been very underwhelmingly resolved or pushed aside. The Cluster, Jasper, the Rubies, all of them felt like they had a very rushed end. The potential of Lapis and Peridot changing up the Gwm status qou seems to have been swept under the rug with them living out in the barn away from the cast.

I don’t know, it’s just been a string of “meh” episodes I guess. Getting a little tired of all this filler.

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here’s the thing about this, I feel they’re not all gone (and TBH it didn’t feel rushed to me)

also, loved the most recent ep

I watched a bit of it 'cause Zach Callison was in. It was ok, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the way some of the themes were presented. I can’t press the issue here really because of political reasons but you could pm me if you wanna talk about it.