Steven Universe!

even though I’ve already seen this weeks episode and next weeks, I’ma leave my thoughts on “Barn Mates”

[spoiler]once again, great episode, was funny seeing Peridot try to win Lapis over and everything just not going right, breaking the tape recorder was mean, but I understand why Lapis did it and why she’s so apprehensive towards anyone but Steven, that moment at the end with Peridot smiling was cute, and I feel bad for the Ruby who has a gem in her eye because I’m not even sure if she can see out of it.

also the line “WHAT WERE YOU TRAPPED IN A TAPE RECORDER TOO?!” technically, the mirror was a tape recorder as she could only playback stuff she’d seen.[/spoiler]


Sounds like a fun show. Wonder if I’ll ever get to watch it sometime.


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Even more hype, two new clips!

(This second clip is official but it’s in spoilers because there’s two big reveals from it.)


Sassy Black woman in my Steven Universe…hell yeah.

I won’t watch that second clip because of spoilers

but that first clip, oh my god that musical episode is gonna be great

Mr Greg was so good. Honestly, it had some of the best music in the show, the animation was great, and it was a really sweet story.


it was amazing

Pearl’s song was incredible

so i kinda forgot that new episodes were coming out

i’ve caught up, and am ready for tonights episode whoop whoop

As far as Mr. Greg, I thought some of the vocals were a bit awkward in places, but overall liked it.


so in the episode “too short to ride”…

oh my god, peridot is a metal bender O_O


I will watch them soon…hope they aint no filler.


OMAWGAD GUYS! If you haven’t seen the new episodes yet, you must - I dare you.

So big new everybody. We knew the day would come - Bismuth is finally here…at least for one episode before she is bubbled. I enjoyed her very much and I think there was not even need to not make the character permanent. She is possibly the easiest thing to redeem. She should have realized at the end that killing gems is wrong and stuff…blah blah blah - result, make her a good guy.
Another thing, Jasper and her ‘army’ might turn out to be interesting.

Yeah, a lot of these new episodes have been great, especially the stuff in week 3. Super hyped for the final week of episodes.

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right? oh my god

Bismuth, the Jasper corruption, also, FREAKING THE RUBIES ARE BACK

Oh my gosh, Jasper corrupting was so emotional. I was on team “we’re gonna see a sympathetic side of her eventually,” but we start to only see what these hidden depths are once she’s corrupted? Ouch. Smoky Quartz was awesome though, and looking at the Amethyst arc they’ve been doing it makes perfect sense Amethyst was the first gem Steven fused with. Also… finally, we’re going to stop beating around the bush and find out what the deal with Pink Diamond is.



- Peridot, 2016


Smoky Quartz is awesome, and weird, it remembers me of mettaton

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most recent episode was gr8

I hope that’s not the last we’ve seen of the rubies

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I don’t think they should have at all. I won’t go into the debate that killing anyone isn’t necessarily wrong and instead focus on Bismuth herself. It’s clear that she’s a very headstrong. She also clearly hated homeworld gems a lot. There’s no realistic way for for anyone to convince her of a new point of view in the time spam of a couple days. It would have felt rushed more than anything and would have been a stain on her character as she wouldn’t have a proper motivation for what she was doing like the others do.


we know rose quartz shattered a diamond, maybe they see bismuth with other eyes now, or maybe because rose shattered a diamond she didn’t want that to happen again and that’s why she bubbled bismuth


Remember the time that Jasper hated fusion since forever but fusing once made her reconsider? Or the time when Peridot was hell-bent on killing the Crystal Gems…or the time that Lapis did not care for Earth at all? Yeah…opinions can change fast even for headstrong people. Also put some darn spoiler tag on, some people have not seen the episode yet. :stuck_out_tongue: