Steven Universe!

Yeah the new episodes were pretty good. Was definitely surprised that they actually found a pacifist way to deal with the Cluster, even if it’s the show’s thing. My main question is really just how gem shards have the power to actually bubble each other, unless that’s from all being fused together. Also Gem Drill in general was pretty tense. On the topic of Super Watermelon Island, am I the only one who’s weirded out at how Steven is basically just possessing now sentient watermelon people? Was good nonetheless.

With Jasper, I believe one of the writers on twitter (Matt Burnett) said she is much more complex than people realise, so that does kind of suggest that she will be back at some point (also I believe her voice actress has been doing relatively recent records - think she was even in the SWI teaser with Rebecca Sugar - so I think she’s gonna be back). But even without all of that, I doubt they’d just kill her off when we barely know her, they would probably make it clearer than just “falls into a chasm.” It’s probably just to devote more time to other things like Lapis, they’re gonna have her dig her way back up to the main cast when the time is right.


I’m hoping for a Jasper’s POV episode at some point. Something like Log Date.


Wait, new episodes are out already? I need to catch up!

Oh shoot I forgot all about the new episode.

I’ve got avoid 57% of the Internet now.


so in regards to the new episodes

I really like this shot


The new episodes were really good.

Super Watermelon Island was a good medium. I really like how they used something as insignificant as the watermelons to contribute to something as big as Malachite. I also like how they used the island from Island Adventure. It was paced very well, and had some pretty nice writing. The dream sequence reminded me a lot of MNOG, which was probably unintentional, but nice.

Gem Drill was nice as well. I like that we got to see more of Peridot, and her emotion she has for the gems. Learning about the cluster was really neat to her, and the cliffhanger was pretty well done. That’s really all I have to say, other than I appreciated the somewhat educational part when they were going into the Earth.


In my opinion Steven Universe is the best show you can watch this generation, I just love everything about it


I’m really excited for this new episode!

[spoiler]Lapis is my favorite homeworld gem, so I’m very excited to see her come back.



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Of course Same Old World is going to air soon, but something I should bring up just in case nobody knows is that it appears that in France the three episodes after it are going to air soon afterwards. Barn Mates and Hit the Diamond apparently will air on Saturday, and I believe Steven Floats will air on Sunday. The Steven Universe wiki has links on the episode pages to one site that confirms this (plus also some pretty revealing plot synopses that I’ve tried to avoid reading).

what on earth
guess I’m gonna have to stay off of anything SU related until those air

“Same Old World” was a beautiful episode, but I’m disappointed. It took 55 episodes after “Ocean Gem” for the backstory regarding Lapis’ entrapment in the mirror to be revealed. Objectively, the war catching her by surprise and her being mistaken for a Crystal Gem is a heart-breaking situation. It even sheds new light on her resentful answer to “This is their base?” in “Jail Break”. I was just expecting much more.


That new episode

was really good very cute, but at the same time really serious at some points, like Lapis’ backstory, she really has never caught a break, think I understand why she’s so resentful but it’s nice to see she’s coming around, also that ending, I loved it, but I hated it because gotta wait a week for the new one XD


So in the latest episode we got more of Lapis and her backstory.


HIt The Diamond is amazing; one of my favourite episodes I’d say. There’s an english version online btw. On dailymotion I believe.

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Barn Mates spoilers


Oh yeah…a good cliffhanger…through the episode that comes after is really meh…without spoiling anything - do not expect too much from it.

funny, I actually found the second episode great


They…looked so bad*** and than it all went derp when they started doing…you know what…also certain somebody doing what they never do annoyed me…but it was a good episode.

that didn’t annoy me at all

as Amethyst pointed out “Ruby’s are dumb” 8P


This is byutiful