Steven Universe!

Peridot's been kinda growing on me, but very slowly (at least she's been revealing stuff about homeworld, which I have been sorely missing).

On the subject of Lapis, I remember it being brought up the she was quite the jokester while in the mirror, leading people to believe that when she finally escapes Malachite, she'll be a nice blend of what we've mostly seen, and fun Lapis.

If anything, this slew of Peridot centric episodes have only made me despise her more for her supreme arrogance and arbitrary trust issues.

and for being a know nothing know it all.



not at all

peridot is a rather annoying character and is basically a racist


Oh no, Steven Universe.
This fandom always gets on my nerves somehow.
Something about them makes them intimidating.


I don't think that I've ever met a fandom I could call intimidating, but I won't deny that the fandom is bug and has serious flaws due to its fanbase predominantly being on tumblr.

It doesn't bug me too much though.

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Peridot from beginning to -


So guys, you ready for the hiatus?


Go on without me, I can't hold out any longer.

Yes, I am rewatching Samurai Jack for its inevitable return while I wait for Gravity Falls and Steven Universe.

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STEVEN BOMB (i think) JAN 4 - JAN 8



Actually find it interesting to see some people who dislike Peridot and Lapis. Can get why people dislike them (and I do hate how many fans woobify them a little too much, like yes especially Lapis has been through a lot, but people forget the darker aspects of their characters - they both have tried to kill Steven after all), but I still adore them personally. I'm more used to seeing hate for characters like Pearl, which ends up going in the opposite direction and making her seem like some sort of irredeemable monster while ignoring many good qualities. I sometimes feel like people are too easy to hate on some characters, because there is a lot you really have to consider given how complex they are (not to invalidate any opinions of course).

I actually adore the complexity the characters have in the series and how they are all so complex and flawed yet still sympathetic, and as soon as I started watching the series it quickly grew on me and became one of my favourite shows. Favourite characters are Pearl, Connie and Peridot (I especially find Connie really relatable, she actually seems to be the character I'm most like), and my favourite episode is Sworn to the Sword (which I have to admit is pretty disturbing when you think about it) - I just find it so fascinatingly dark with the themes it has, and it has the best song in the series so far not just how it sounds, but how the increasingly dark lyrics are dissonant with the more happy sounding instrumentation (but of course people take the more positive lyrics literally and make "inspirational" gifs and image sets about it, which admittedly annoys me because I feel like it misses the point of the song and by extension the episode). Oh, and the big reveal in the episode literally gets me every time.

But yeah, big fan, and am pretty positive about the show. Excited for the Stevenbomb in January, especially with stuff like Ruby and Sapphire's backstory as well as what the deal with the Moon is (there's a lot of theories about it, in fact).


'The Answer' was pretty good; I particularly liked the song even though it didn't have the same flow like 'Stronger than you' or 'Do it for her'.

'Steven's Birthday' was wierding me out in some parts and I could really feel for Steven.
It's a shame that a certain character wasn't able to meet Greg or Connie in this episode, although the crewniverse is probably just saving that for later.



OMG Lemon Giraffe Mom and her Snarky Yellow Umpa Lumpa

Peridot has just earned a spot in my favorites. That talkback was great.

On a more theorizing note the "Rose is Pink Diamond" theory is getting some fuel for the fire. We never see Pink Diamond's mural on the moonbase and on top of that it seems each Diamond has their own Pearl.


Garnet will always be my favourite, but Peridot is my favourite spirit animal, she is such a gem geek, she is me incarnated. Shout outs to Blue D for being shown in the episodes before Yellow D.

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Something about the way Garnet said "get ready" was just something else.
Also, "pearl tries really hard for some reason" - peridot

Anyway, steven bomb over.

But The clip where Peridot is handing a gift to Lapis, that episode has still not aired.

That's not part of the steven bomb.

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