Strakk Revamp(?) by AmazingDirtHunter

I dunno what this is, just wanted to build a big ice dude for some reason and Strakk’s head worked well on him, so screw it, it’s a Strakk revamp. Or not. I don’t care.


Up arms are a bit cluttered and are a bit of a sore spot. But I love everything else, especially the colour scheme.

Overall: 9.2/10 :thumbsup: great job

The main thing that bugs me is that his elbows don’t have proper articulation.

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So icy and fierce looking. I love this head, in fact I just ordered one from BL this morning!

The hunch is missing

Overall, this is a pretty interesting MOC. Two things that bug me are that the lower arms are quite short and the chest design is a bit wierd.

That weapon is pretty sweet!

Wow I just posted a GIF to… Well here’s my GIF to you.

This is what we should’ve gotten in 2009.