Student scissors community mocs!

So I've decided to make my own community mocs topic because well I felt like it.
So I'll start with something that isn't really a community moc...
My new self moc!

He transforms into a winged slug!?

Ok now for the first community moc...
Political slime!
I decided to make @Political_Slime because I've seen many mocs of him before and decided to make my own. Exept it transforms! Yes all the community mocs i'll make will transform.

Before you transform him you must attach his arsenal.

He becomes a hover tank!

No minfifg can fit in the cockpit (Which is formed by the top of his tie)

But a minifig can be positioned so that it looks like it's looking out of the turret hatch.


You made Political Nuju pretty buff... smiley

I like how he can transform into a tank!

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Yeah I was playing around with the torso found this worked and decided to keep it.

those derp eyes

this is fantastic laughing


I like the idea of transforming builds. Rather rare concept.


is it weird that I heard this sound effect when looking at the pictures

EDIT: Oops I linked to the wrong video, it's better now

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Time for a new moc


So from what I can tell @Riceball has some connection to sunglasses so I made this...

He turns into sunglasses!

Fro behind.

His terrible robot mode.

From behind.

The best sunglasses wearing head I could do...

I realize that this moc is pretty terrible but I think that the fact it can transform into a pair of sunglasses partially makes up for that... What do you think? Who should I make next? Should... I... make...



Sure. @You is a pretty great guy, I don't see why you shouldn't MOC him.


I heard @you is chrating on @her though...

Couldn't be cooler.
Infact, it's Dandy.


I think you're forgetting a good "robot" mode... currently it kinda looks like a bull on its hind legs. But hey maybe that's just me.

Could you make a transforming rohrik please?

Who is Rohrick? Your self moc? or?

Yup, My self moc and my profile picture

Ok I'll give it a try:)

@Toatrex I don't have the right mask and surprisingly the closest thing to it I
have is a silver skull spider are you ok if I use that instead?
Ok than. He'll be uploaded later today. (He's already done)

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Go ahead


This is Rohrik @Toatrex 's self moc.

From behind. This is a prime example of something I wanted to talk about. I may or may not have all the pieces to make certain people. Also I'm going to start mixing the ppl I make with actual transformers. Mr. Rohrik here is mixed with starscream. But which two versions of starscreams?

Another random pic.

"For Sweden!"

His jet mode.

Again who should I make next?


Dude... You're really good at making Bioformers... That's something that takes skill!


Thanks I've been making system transformers for years so this kindof just comes naturaly to me.

I would say make me, but you would need a mask of creation to do so, make me when the summer wave comes out please smile