Studio Knights' Kingdom parts?

Hello, I’m been looking for some Knights’ Kingdom II armor online to add them to Studio, but I haven’t find any.

Particulary I’m looking for part 50602 Large Figure Armor, Shoulder - Smooth (Knights Kingdom II) and 54175 Large Figure Armor, Shoulder - Spiky (Knights Kingdom II / Exo-Force):

image image

I’m happy with a 3D object (.stl, .obj …) that someone has or is willing to make, for me to add to Studio via PartDesigner. Any help is welcome.


Currently there arent any i fear. But i hope there will be some soon.

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Same; the swords would also be pretty nice.

I could have sworn there was an entry here a few days ago that had some of these pieces, but I can’t find it…


They said that they made the model themself, so they probably have a file of that sword piece, at least.

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I hope something like that happens. Someone in shining armor, with 3D skills and a good heart, to make the pieces in about 5 minutes (I don’t know how long it takes to make a model but they don’t look like complex pieces) and post them here. :stuck_out_tongue: